ISO20653 Test Equipment,ISO20653 IP Test Equipment

ISO20653 Test Equipment

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ISO20653 Test Equipment

According to ISO20653, IEC60529 and other standards, it is used for testing the waterproof grade of ipx1, ipx2, IPX3, IPx4, ipx4k, ipx5, ipx6, ipx6k, ipx7, ipx8 and ipx9 of electrical and electronic products. The equipment consists of vertical raindrop test device (ipx1, ipx2), swing pipe rain test device (IPX3 IPx4 ipx4k), hand-held sprinkler (IPX3 IPx4), water spray proof test device (ipx5 ipx6ipx6k), ipx7 immersion test device, intelligent water supply system, tilting carrier and integrated control cabinet. The equipment is widely used in lamps, automobiles, electrical and electronic products certification, National Quality Inspection Institute, inspection and Quarantine Bureau of entry exit inspection and quarantine, SGS, TUV, UL foreign-funded certification laboratory institutions and quality control departments of production enterprises for IP waterproof detection of products, and is exported to Russia, India, Australia and other countries, and the equipment performance reaches the international advanced level.

The complete set of equipment consists of vertical drip test device (ipx1, ipx2), pendulum tube rain test device (IPX3, IPx4), hand-held sprinkler head (IPX3, IPx4) and water spray test device (ipx5)- ф 6.3、IPX6- ф 5), tilting rotary stage, intelligent water supply system (also used as ipx7 diving test device), integrated control cabinet, ipx8 pressure vessel and test device. The intelligent water supply and control system is composed of water supply tank, water supply system and control system. The test water supply flow is controlled by PLC, frequency converter and turbine flow sensor. The flow designed according to the standard flow has been set in the control system. As long as the operator selects the waterproof test level on the touch screen, the test can be carried out, or the test flow can be set by himself

ISO20653 Test Equipment

Project name

Specification parameters

Equipment Power Supply Specifications

Equipment power AC380V 50Hz 4kw

Sample Power Supply Specification

AC220V 16A

LWGYD-4 flow sensor

Flow range :0.667-4.167 L/min, pulse output

LWGYD-15 flow sensor

Flow range :10.00-100.00 L/min, pulse output

Big pumps (South Pump Industry CHL8-50)

380VAC 50Hz 2.2kw protection grade: IP55 insulation grade: F

Mini Pumps (South Pump Industry CHL2-40)

380VAC 50Hz 0.55kw protection grade: IP55 insulation grade: F

Scope of waterproof test



Drop area :1000*1000 mm

Drop hole diameter :0.4 mm

Drop hole spacing :20 mm

Test flow :1~1.5 mm/min (IPX1),3~3.5(IPX2)


Swing radius

R400mm 、R600mm 、R800mm 、R1000mm

Inner diameter of pendulum tube


Pinhole diameter of pendulum tube

Φ0.4mm, hole spacing 50 mm ,0.07±0.0035 L/Min per hole

Swing Rainfall

According to the test standard set on the console (water supply 0.63-10 L/Min)

Test time

Set on console according to test criteria (range 1-9999 seconds)

Swing tube test angle


Swing tube test speed

About 4-60 degrees per second

Speed of swing tube turntable

According to the standard, the pre-factory system has been set to 1 RPM, or 1 rpm

Custom testing

Any set within the º of :0-350

Test speed :4-60 degrees per second set; unit: degrees per second

Test time :0-9999 seconds; set in seconds

Test flow rate :0.63-10.0 L/min set arbitrarily in L/min unit

Sprinkle water

Number of fountains

121,φ0.5 holes

Test flow

10±0.5 L/min

Test time

Set by test standard (range 1-9999 seconds) in seconds

Test pressure

50-150 kPa


nozzle aperture

6.3 mm (IPX5),12.5 mm (IPX6)

Water spray

12.5±0.625 L/min (IPX5),100±5 L/min (IPX6)

Test time

Set by test standard (range 1-9999 seconds) in seconds

Test pressure

Water flow regulation IPX5 about 30 kpa ,IPX6 about 100 kpa


Test requirements

The lowest point of the shell with 1. height less than 850 mm shall be less than 1000 mm; above the water surface

The highest point of the enclosure 2. a height greater than or equal to 850 mm shall be 150 mm; below the surface of the water

Test time

30 min


Swing radius


Inner diameter of pendulum tube


Pinhole diameter of pendulum tube

Φ0.8mm 0.6 L/min±5 per cent per hole

Angle of pendulum test

°360(±180° actual ±175)

Test speed of pendulum tube

s/Cycle 12

Swing Rainfall

7.2-30 L/min±5% set

Test time

min 10(1 position 5 min,90°5)

Water pressure

400 kPa

Speed of turntable



Nozzle diameter


Test flow

75L/min±5 per cent

Test time

0-99999.9 s Set

Spray pressure

1000 kPa


Speed range

Tilt 15° RPM 1-20

Adjust height

mm 800-1700

Dimensions of Water Supply and Control System


IEC Test Equipment

IEC Test Equipment

IEC Test Equipment