Wide Control Range Temperature And Humidity Chamber for Rapid Temperature Changes with Humidity Control

Wide Control Range Temperature And Humidity Chamber for Rapid Temperature Changes with Humidity Control

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IEC 60068-2 Programmable Temperature And Humidity Chamber , Wide Temperature Control Range



Product information:


The test device is designed and manufactured according to IEC 60068-2, Test methods-test A: cold, test B: dry heat, test Cab: damp heat, steady state, test Db: damp heat, cyclic.




1. It has an extremely wide temperature control range to meet the various needs of users.

2. It adopts a unique balanced temperature adjustment and humidity control mode to adjust the ideal temperature and humidity environment. With stable, balanced heating and humidifying capability, it can control high temperature and high stability temperature and humidity.

3. Automatic selection of refrigeration circuit: The automatic control device has the function of automatically selecting the running refrigeration circuit with the set value of temperature, and realizes the cooling of the chiller directly under the high temperature state. The refrigeration adopts the air-cooled compressor unit and adopts the fully enclosed compressor.

4. The door is equipped with a light observation window, which is convenient for observing the test state of the test sample.




Product NameProgrammable Temperature Humidity Chamber
Volume, size and weight
Working Volume150L (can be customized)
Inner sizeW600mm × H600mm × D460mm
Outer sizeW900mm × H1800mm × D1500mm
Temperature controller7-inch programmable controller (touch screen)
Temperature range-40℃~+150℃
Humidity range


Temperature fluctuation±1℃
Humidity fluctuation±3% RH
Temperature uniformity≤2℃
Heating up time3-5℃/min (Average heating up rate)
Cooling down time0.7-1℃/min (Average cooling down rate)
Outer materialBacked painting steel
Inner wall materialSUS304# mirror stainless steel plate
Insulation materialsPolyurethane foam or high density superfine imported glass wool.
Observation windowThe conductive film tempered glass is used, and the lighting equipment uses a new type PL energy-saving fluorescent lamp.
FanCentrifugal fan
HeaterU-shaped fin type, stainless steel high-speed heating electric heater.
Refrigeration CompressorsFrance-TECUMSEH
Refrigeration modeAir-cooled type
Sample holder2 layers
safety protectionFan overload protection, compression and overheat protection, overpressure protection, over temperature protection, humidification and water shortage protection
Power supply1∮, AC380V±10% 50Hz, about 4500W




1. Chamber structure:

The overall structure, the test box is assembled with A3 iron plate spray plastic and SUS304 stainless steel plate. Observed from the front of the chamber door, the upper area is the working room, the lower area is the refrigeration unit, and the left side is electric control cabinet.


2. Material composition:

2.1 Outer wall material: 3A cold-rolled steel sheet with electrostatic double-sided plastic spray, color is pearl white

2.2 Inner wall material: SUS304 stainless steel plate

2.3 Thermal insulation material: 100mm rigid polyurethane foam


3. Structural strength:

Load capacity of test chamber floor: ≤100Kg (uniform load)



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IEC Test Equipment

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