Vertical Pressure Structure Battery Crush Nail Penetration Test Equipment High Efficiency

Vertical Pressure Structure Battery Crush Nail Penetration Test Equipment High Efficiency

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Vertical Type With Vertical Pressure Structure Battery Crush Nail Penetration Tester Equipment




IEC62133 clause 7.3.6,8.3.5 IEC60086-4 clause 6.5.3 IEC 60086-1, GB/T 18332.2-2001,

UL1612,UN38.3,GB/T 31241-2014 and etc




This Battery Test Machine is designed to simulate the power lithium battery terminal actual using environments, such as battery in crush, penetration and feedback the various results in different crushing/penetration conditions.

Testing should be under environment temperature of 20℃ ± 5℃, put the battery which connect with thermocouple (the touch point of thermal couple fixed on battery large surface) in the draught cupboard, with 3mm non corrosion stainless nail penetrate the center point of the battery with speed of 20mm/s-80mm/s.




StructureVertical type with vertical pressure structure
Input Voltage380V 50 Hz
Pressure Range1KN ~ 20KN(Controllable)
Force Tolerance±1%
Crush Range0~400MM
Unit SwitchKg/N/Lb
Nail Penetration Speed Range1 ~ 80mm/s(Controllable)
Speed Accuracy±0.1MM/S
Nail Penetrate PowerOil Pressure
Testing Space≥ W300*D300*H200mm
Overall DimensionW940XD780XH1620 mm
Observation Window390 X 360mm(20mm thick tempered explosion-proof glass)
LightingWith light on chamber inner top side
BaseInstalled with 4 universal wheels and 4 fixing casters, available for free moving and fixing .
Explosion -proof DevicesWith air release function, exhaust the waste air which produced when testing; With explosion proof and pressure release function,Magnetic adsorption type pressure relief door on back side of protection cabinet(300*300mm),when with strong air shock, the relief door open automatically ,reduce explosion shock force .
Chamber BottomWith extract type collection device for electrolyte and Experimental debris.
Tungsten steel needle

Φ3X100MM 10 pieces

Φ5X100MM 10pieces

Machine WeightAbout 400KG
Display MethodPLC Touch Screen


1.Air Exhaust System: Long axis motor drive the aluminum blades, able for exhaust the waste air out anytime.

2.Pressure Balance System: Double hole air supply, ensure pressure balance inside chamber.

3.Maintenance System: All parts that need dismounting all with trap structure, convenient for maintenance.

4.Safety System:

       (1).Stainless steel hinge, lock the chamber door, ensure the door not shocked open when with strong air flow.

       (2).With micro switch on chamber door, only when chamber door closed the system can work normally.

(3).Chamber back side with door type design, one side hinge, another side with strong magnetic lock, when with strong air flow shock, the back cover open automatically ,thus reduce the explosion shock force.

      (4).Inner chamber with high temperature resistance structure, without inflammable electrical cables or other materials.

5.Humanization design

(1)About 800mm distance between crush bench and the floor, easy for operation .

       (2)Double layer temper glass observation window, ensure safety and simultaneously testers able to observe the testing condition .

       (3)Inner built energy saving light for the whole testing space, convenient for observation.

6.Camera System:Installed with high resolution camera system, able for clear observation of the testing procedure.




3mm Tungsten steel needle10pieces
5mm Tungsten steel needle10pieces
Chuck wrench1piece
Steel needle clamp1 E.A
Pressure Sensor System1E.A.
Flat crush plate,diameter 150mm1piece