UL 498 SD8.2-8.3 Mechanical Drop Test Apparatus Plug Drop Resistance Test Apparatus

UL 498 SD8.2-8.3 Mechanical Drop Test Apparatus Plug Drop Resistance Test Apparatus

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UL 498 SD8.2-8.3 Mechanical Drop Test Apparatus Plug Drop Resistance Test Apparatus



Product Information:

The apparatus is complied with UL 498 SD8.2-8.3 item, applied to check the mechanical drop impact resistance performance of attachment plug.


Test Concept And Structure:

Each of the devices is to be assembled onto 18AWG (0.8mm2) flexible cord of a length sufficient for mounting on the test apparatus shown in figure SD8.1. A 0.25-inch diameter (6.35mm) braided nylon rope or its equivalent may be used to facilitate handling by the apparatus. The cord and attachment plug assembly is to be supported at point A so that when hanging freely the attachment plug rests against the vertical maple block 45 inches (1.14m) below point A. A moving member of the test apparatus is to lift the test assembly to the test position B shown in Figure SD8.1. and then release it causing the plug to fall freely and strike the impact block at point C.

Each device is to be tested for not more than 1300cycles. Each device is to complete not less than 500cycles, and the average of the number of cycles completed by all devices is to be not less than 1000 cycles. Devices are to be inspected every 50 cycles beginning with the completion of 450 cycles. Assembly screws may be tightened throughout the test every 200 cycles.

The release is controlled by electromagnet, ensure the instantaneous release.

The number of test cycles can be preset and recorded, after the preset No. of test cycles are completed, the signal in light and sound will be given out.

The apparatus would be provided with firm structure, good look, easy operation, high stability.


Technical Parameters:

Test Station1
Number of test cycles0-999999, can be preset
Release height0~1140mm adjustable
Release horizontal distance965mm
Release modePneumatic
Reset modeElectrical
Ambient temperature5~40°C
Relative humidity(20~90)%RH
Installation areaNo violent shaking, vibration, no electromagnetic interference, no dust, no explosive and corrosive gases, good heat dissipation
Power supply127V, 60Hz, 500W


Sample Installation & Operation Procedures:

1.Install the test sample on the hang position, and then tighten it.
2.Move he vertical wood plate and make it just touch the low end of the test sample. The click “Pendulum Rising” or “Pendulum Decline”, to adjust the distance between test sample’ hang position and the impacting position (should be 45 in). Then press “Pendulum Homing” to make the pendulum back to the 0°position.
3.Access to external gad source, then press “Released”, to make the clamp open and make the test sample in the clamp.
4.Press “Start”, the testing begins, when the test cycles reach to the preset screwed tighten period (every 200 cycles) or the device inspection period (every 50 cycles after completion of first 450 test times), the test system will stop working. After user finish screwing tighten the test sample’s assembly screws or inspecting the test sample, user should press “Start” again to restart the testing. When the actual testing times reach to the pre-set test times, the test system will stop working, and the completion indicator flashes. User can press “Clear” to dismal the indicator flashing.