UL498 American Standard Plug Socket Tester With DC53 HRC58 Material

UL498 American Standard Plug Socket Tester With DC53 HRC58 Material

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UL498 Plug And Socket Gauge For Measuring American Standard Plug And Socket


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The gauges conforms to the standard of UL498.It is measuring American standard plug and socket.





Product name

UL498 standard FigureUL498:2012 standard Figure
Old versionNew version
1Articulate probe with web stopFigure 9.1Figure 9.1
2ProbeFigure 10.1Figure 10.1
3Flat probeFigure 31.1Figure 31.1
4Reference PlugFigure 69.1Figure 73.1
5Typical test apparatusFigure 69.2Figure 73.2
6Improper insertion test bladesFigure 94.1Figure98.1
7Test PlugFigure105.1Figure109.2
8Test bladeFigure118.1Figure122.1
9Receptacle test fixtureFigure118.1Figure122.1
10Push out toolFigure118.3Figure122.3
12Test pin AFigure119.1Figure123.1
13Test pin BFigure119.2Figure123.2
1457g ground pinFigure119.3Figure123.3
15113g ground pinFigure119.4Figure123.4
16No.14AWG test pinFigure129.2Figure133.2
17Small test probeFigure132.1Figure 136.1
18Fixture for assembly security testFigure 144.2Figure 165.2
19Standard grounding pinFigure SD 5.1Figure SD 5.1
20Standard grounding pinFigure SD 13.1Figure SD13.1
21Oversize grounding pinFigure SD13.2Figure SD 13.2