Touch Screen Battery Testing Equipment , Double - Layered High Low Temperature Chamber

Touch Screen Battery Testing Equipment , Double - Layered High Low Temperature Chamber

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IEC60068-2-1Double-Layered High Low Temperature Chamber

IEC60068-2-1 Double - Layered High Low Temperature Chamber Temperature Range-40℃~150℃




IEC60068-2-1:2007 low temperature testing, IEC60068-2-2:2007 high temperature testing,GJB150.3-1986 high temperature testing, GJB150.4-1986 low temperature testing.




It can accurately simulate complex natural environment such as low temperature, high temperature, high temperature and low temperature. It is suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, batteries, plastics, food, paper products, vehicles, metals,chemicals, building materials, research institutes, inspection and quarantine bureaus, universities. And other industry units for quality control testing.


Performance Parameters


Single-layer inner box sizeW600 X D700 X H600MMW800 X D600 X H600MM
External SizeW1300 X D1800 X H1950MMW1500 X D1950 X H1700MM
Structural pattermThe test chamber is designed as a monolithic upper and lower box structure
Temperature range-40℃~+150℃
Temperature fluctuation



Heating rateAverage 1-3℃/minute(non-linear no-load
Cooling rateAverage 1.0℃/minute Full course(non-linear no-load
Temperature uniformity≤±2℃(at no load,constand state)
Observation windowW300 X H400MM,There-layer vacuum tempered glass
Test terminal12 sets of terminals are connected to the test cabinet inside and outside of the chamber
Cooling methodAir cooling/water cooling
compressorTecumseh(Franch)Bock (Germany)
Controlling methodTouch screen programmable control PLC, with USB interface, with RJ485.interfaca can be computer control, special network control software, convenient remonte monitoring, data acquisition
Internal chamber materialSUS304#mirror stainless steel,1.0mm thick, sprayed with Teflon insulation
External chamber materialGalvanized sheet. dusting, high temperature plastizing,1.2MM thick
VoltageAC380V 50HZ 12KWAC380V50HZ 14KW
Safety protectionAutomatic explosion-proof pressure relief device, explosion-proof chain,tri—color light alarm device, remote control, smoke exhaust device, fire extinguishing device,etc.
Extension functionDevelopment of communication protocol and supporting use of charge and discharge machine.