Stainless Steel Low Pressure Battery Test Chamber with Digital Display Controllable Pressure

Stainless Steel Low Pressure Battery Test Chamber with Digital Display Controllable Pressure

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Digital Display Controllable Pressure Stainless Steel High Altitude Low Pressure Battery Test Chamber





IEC62133 clause 7.3.7,IEC60086-4 clause 6.4.1,IEC 60086-1 UN 38.3,UL 1642, IEC61960, GB31241 and etc .




Battery low pressure (high attitude) simulation test, all the testing specimen are being tested under 11.6kPa (1.68psi) .,The low pressure storage status of the sample can be achieved in a short time, the test cycle can be automatically controlled, and the pressure change in the tank can be monitored throughout the process to achieve automatic termination of the test. Simulated battery and battery pack are stored for 6 hours at a pressure equal to or lower than 11.6 kPa and at an ambient temperature of (20 ± 5) °C. If the batteries are free of leaks, no vents, no disassembly, no rupture and no fire, and each The open circuit voltage of the experimental battery or battery after the test is not less than 90% of the voltage before the simulation test, which is qualified.




Temp. RangeAmbient Temperature
Display MethodDigital Display
Internal DimensionW600 X D600 X H600mm
Internal MaterialSUS 304# Stainless Steel
External DimensionW940 X D780 X H1620mm
External MaterialSECC steel plate,,power painted (thickness 1.5mm)
BottomInstalled with universal wheel
Observation WindowToughened glass with explosion - proof membrane
Timer4 digits display 0~9999(Hour,Minutes,Seconds changeable)

Vacuum Rate

Safety Devices

1.3Kpa(standard requires 11.6Kpa,vacuum gauge indication value -89.7Kpa)
Remarks:as the inner chamber pressure is(101.325Kpa), if wants the inner chamber pressure decreased to 11.6Kpa. Calculating according to atmosphere pressure of(101.325Kpa), need to blow out (89.7Kpa) pressure of the inside chamber, then the inner chamber can reach low pressure environment of (11.6Kpa).
Pressure0~100Kpa(Controllable, display)
Pressure Fluctuation≤5%
Power SourceAC 220V 50HZ(can be customized )

1.Chamber adopt high quality cold rolled steel plate, surface with powder painted, with strong anti-rust ability.

2. Working room with high quality stainless steel plate, rounded shape,smooth, and easy for cleaning .

3.Between working room and chamber, filled with superfine glass fiber insulation material .

4.Chamber door with double toughened glass structure,available for clear observation of the inside chamber .

5. Installed rubber sealing ring between working room and glass door, ensure high vacuum rate inside the chamber .

6. Integrated type : low pressure chamber on upper side, and vacuum pump on bottom side .




1.When transportation, please with no force on the glass, and no shock on chamber body .
2.The machine shall be placed on flat floor.
3. No use under environment of direct sunshine or high temperature & moisture place .

4.Away from strong electromagnetic interference, and machine with well grounding .

5.When normal running, the specimen shall not touch the inner chamber wall.

6.Power wire not abut on back side, and do not let the machine or other objects press on it, avoid wire broken.