Stainless Steel Battery Burning And Ejection Test Equipment with PLC Touch Screen

Stainless Steel Battery Burning And Ejection Test Equipment with PLC Touch Screen

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Easy Operation PLC Touch Screen Stainless Steel Battery Burning And Ejection Test Equipment





IEC60086-4 clause 6.2.6,6.2.8 ,IEC62133,UL 1642,UL2054,GB31241 and etc.




This battery burning tester is necessary testing equipments for various battery manufacturer, quality inspection & control department. With features of easy operation, safety reliable, high accuracy, it becomes ideal testing machine for battery burning and ejection testings.


Testing Method


1.Fix the mesh on top of the burner with 38.1mm distance,each 25.4mm mesh with 20 holes, steel wire diameter 0.43mm.

2. Ignition the burner, simultaneously observe the battery burning situation,till battery explode or burn out. And time the whole burning procedure.





BurnerBunsen burner,pipe inner diameter 0.375inch(9.5mm)length about 100mm
Flame Applicate Time0~999.9s±0.1s
Flame Continuous Time0~999.9s±0.1s
Flame Height10~75±2mm
Testing Bar Diameter1/4 inch(6.35mm)×14 inch(355.6mm)
Test Cover Width24 inch(610mm)×14 inch(355.6mm),Octagonal
Test Cover Height12inch (305mm)
Testing Aluminum Mesh Diameter0.010 inch (0.25mm) 16hole×16hole
Octagonal stainless steel net coverDistance between each other 2 feet (610mm),Octagonal net cover height1 feet (305mm)
Testing Hole Diameter102mm
Fire Ignition DeviceAuto fire ignition
Display MethodPLC Touch Screen
Control MethodRemote control, whole test procedure fully automatic
Burning Gas RequirementHigh purity liquefied petroleum gas(Customer Prepare)
BottomInstalled with universal wheel
Observation Window390 X 360mm(20mm thickness tempered explosion proof glass)
Timer4 bytes display ,0~9999(Hour,Minute,Second switchable)
Inner chamber MaterialSUS304 Stainless steel
Outer Chamber MaterialCold rolled powder painted
Smoke ExtractorΦ 150mm on back side
Overall DimensionW940XD780XH1620 mm
Power SourceAC 220V 50HZ



1. Battery burning ejection test & particle test is high dangerous destructive test,testing personal must be well trained with related safety & emergency handling knowledge, avoid personal injuries.

2.Burning device should put in the filtered air ventilate chamber,pay attention the waste air exhaust should comply with related national standards.

3. Testing personal must wear smoke proof expiratory device and filter expiratory devices, avoid suction harmful gas.

4. Before burning test,should strictly check the air pipe & connections sealing performance.

5. Multi fire extinguish devices should prepared close to the testing machine.

6. During testing or the bunsen light not totally cooling down, forbid to touch the sample burner or mesh.

7. After finishing test, should lock all the valve and well do the machine usage records, avoid air leakage of the gas tank.

8. Regularly check if the gas pipe broken or not,if broken, do stop use it,and replace with new ones.




Aluminum Mesh5meters
Stainless Steel Mesh2piese
Remote Controller1piece
Star Cage1piece
Operation Manual1Copy