Small IEC Test Equipment , 150V Electric Bicycle Charger Color Display 300W With Battery Discharge Function Tester

Small IEC Test Equipment , 150V Electric Bicycle Charger Color Display 300W With Battery Discharge Function Tester

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150V Electric Bicycle Charger Color Display 300W With Battery Discharge Function Tester


Product information 

The electric bicycle charger tester is suitable for performance testing of products such as electric bicycle charger, electric moped charger, scooter charger, balance car charger, twist car charger, unicycle charger, electric wheelchair, sweeping robot charger, drone charger and other lead-acid battery charger, ternary lithium battery charger, lithium iron phosphate battery charger, power adapter. It is a smart charger-specific testing instrument. The instrument adopts high-performance ARM processor and all Chinese setting interface, providing users with a user-friendly operating environment. It has been widely used in many electric bicycle, charger manufacturers and quality inspection institutes.



1.It is suitable for the detection of chargers for electric bicycles and electric mopeds of various specifications such as 2V/8.4V/12.6V/16.8V/21V/24V/25.2V/28.8V/29.4V/33.6V/36V/37.8V/42V/42.4V/43.2V/48V/50.4V/54.6V/57.6V/58.5V/63V/67.2V/71.4V/84V;

2.The full chinese operation interface makes the operation more convenient and easy to use;

3.Higher measurement accuracy with 0.1mV, 0.1mA high resolution;

4.Flexible judgment condition setting can handle various types of chargers (three-stage, constant power type universal);

5.The data save calling function (8716F 30 group, 9716F 200 group) is convenient for each replacement of the tested product, and only needs to call the internally stored data;

6.The standard foot switch starts the test, which improves the test efficiency. It takes only 3-4 seconds to test a product normally;

7. CV, CC, CR, CP, SHORT basic test function;

8. Battery discharge function, it can test battery discharge time and total battery capacity;

9. The mixed list test function can combine several basic test modes and judge the test results;

10. Dynamic test mode, which can switch the current or voltage quickly with a minimum conversion time of 1ms to test the power supply;

11. Instant output response capability;

12. Two common charger output socket configurations: suffix, coaxial head;

13. The polarity of the charger output plug is automatically recognized, regardless of the positive and negative connection, the positive and negative connection can be both tested normally.


Standard requirement:

a)Abnormal work protection:
At rated voltage, the charger is connected to a fully charged battery (the battery has the maximum capacity of the battery specified in the instruction manual). When the wiring is in the opposite direction to the normal working condition for 10 min, the charger should be undamaged; when the charger is in normal working condition, the charger output wiring is shorted for 15 s , the charger should be undamaged.

b) The maximum output voltage of the battery:
After the battery is fully charged and placed for 2 h , measure the voltage with a DC voltmeter.



Input voltage0~150V
Input Current0.1mA~30A
Input power300W
Display methodTFT color display
Menu fontChinese-English
Data storage50 internal groups, U disk 100 group
Battery discharge functionYes
Dynamic test modeYes
Communication InterfaceUSB,RS232C


IEC Test Equipment

IEC Test Equipment

IEC Test Equipment