Single Station Fixation Pins Plug Socket Tester , Clause 24 Figure 30 IEC Test Equipment

Single Station Fixation Pins Plug Socket Tester , Clause 24 Figure 30 IEC Test Equipment

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IEC60884 Clause 24 Clause 24.10 Figure 30 Testing Equipment Of Single Station Fixation Pins In The Body Of The Plug Tester


Standard: IEC 60884-1 2013 clause 24.10 and figure 30


Application: This device is use to verify the fixation of pins in the body of the plug


Test sample: Plug pins


Feature: In according with standard requirements, to verify the fixation of pins in the body of the plug




Number of test station1
Weight50N*1, 20N*2, 30N*1, 4N*1
Standard socket: each one of Mexican standard for configurations:C1.1, C1.2, C1.3, C1.4, C1.5, C1.6, C1.9, C1.10, C1.13


1. Before first use, user should familiar with the relevant standards for more effective and proper using the test apparatus and completing the test.


2. The plug is positioned on the steel plate in such a way that the centers of the circles circumscribing the pins coincide with the centers of the holes. Then insert the test plug into the socket in the direction of the longitudinal axis of the pin. After that, the plug is placed in the heating cabinet with temperature (70 ± 2) °C, 1 h after, a pull force is applied inside a heating cabinet


3. Choose the clamping fixture according to the shape of the plug, and make it is firmly connected with the plug (ensure it will not loose when exert a pull force)


4. Choose the pull force weight according to the maximum withdrawal force as given in table 16 (can be achieved by the superposition), the weight is hooked in the ring of the clamp, handle with care, and don’t produce explosive tension.

5. The force is applied on each plug pin for 1 min, after the test, the plug is allowed to cool down to ambient temperature and it shall be verified that the displacement of any plug pin in the plug body should not excess 1 mm.


6. Pay attention to the cleaning of the device and maintenance of the sockets after the test is completed.



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