Portable Microwave Survey Instrument 0.9G - 12.4GHZ LED Digital Display With Measuring Range Of 0.2uw/Cm2-20mw/Cm2

Portable Microwave Survey Instrument 0.9G - 12.4GHZ LED Digital Display With Measuring Range Of 0.2uw/Cm2-20mw/Cm2

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Portable Microwave Survey Instrument 0.9G - 12.4GHZ LED Digital Display Meter


Products Introduction

It is a portable instrument for measuring the leakage of various microwave equipment in space energy. Working frequency band is 0.9-12.4GHz. It is especially suitable for microwave leakage detection of microwave ovens, microwave band radar, microwave relay, satellite communication, microwave medical instruments, industrial microwave equipment, widely used in medical and health, labor protection, environmental testing fields and departments.

Equip with a sensor probe. The digital display of the measurement value is straightforward and clear. At the same time, it has an over-limit alarm function. The alarm parameters can be set freely by the user in the interval of 0.01-19.99mw/cm2.

The instrument core adopts microcomputer acquisition and processing mechanism, with power-on self-test and automatic setting zero function, LED digital display, using 5 pcs1.5V alkaline batteries.

uw/cm2 unit measurement value has an audible alarm function if the range is exceeded, reminding the user to switch units.

When measuring the microwave leakage, in order to prevent the probe from burning, the probe should be slowly approached to the sample. The burnt power of the probe is 100mw/cm2 in continuous wave, and the peak power density is 3w/cm2 when the pulse wave is working.

The instrument can work in both continuous wave and pulse wave states, and its display parameters are average values.

The reading value is P measurement value when measuring, and the actual microwave leakage power density value (P actual value) of the measured site can be obtained after substituting the formula calculation.


Technical Parameters

Power5pcs LR6 1.5V alkaline batteries
Working frequency band0.9G-12.4GHz
Ambient temperature-10°C- +40°C
Relative humidity50%-80%
Measuring range0.2uw/cm2-20mw/cm2
Initial default alarm value5mw/cm2
Alarm range can be set0.01-19.99mw/cm2
Instrument dimensions100 × 210 × 35mm
Probe dimensions30 × 90 × 30mm
Working band3-33cm
Calibration field accuracy±0.75dB


1. Battery installation:

Turn the battery compartment lock on the back of the instrument to the open position, open the battery compartment cover of the instrument, and insert 5pcs LR6 1.5V alkaline batteries into the battery compartment, pay attention to the battery polarity.


2. Microwave detection probe connection:

The microwave detection probe adopts SMA standard gold-plated joint, only need to screw the probe connector into the host connector, pay attention to keep the connection reliable.


3. Actual measurement:

Turn on the power switch on the host, and the host will automatically enter the uw/cm2 position after two rings. At this time, the user can press [Unit Change] button on the host to select the unit according to the measurement needs. When entering the actual measurement, held the probe and slowly approaches the position to be measured. At this time, the instantaneous measurement data will be displayed on the LED screen of the instrument. The unit of reading is the unit indicated by the corresponding LED.


4. Alarm setting:

Press the [Set] button to enter the alarm setting state. The [Alarm/Setting] indicator on the panel lights up. Press the left shift [<] button to set the data separately. For example, if you need to set the alarm value to 3.55mw/cm2, press [Set] button first, then press [<] to select the position to be modified. Press [+], [-] button to increase or decrease the value to the desired value. When the [<] button is pressed, the LED screen highlights the position that can be set. After the setting is completed, press the [Set] button again to save and exit the setting to enter the measurement mode.

Note: The factory setting alarm value is 5mw/cm2, and is changed to the user-set data after the user sets it. This data has the power-off save function until the user changes it.

When an alarm occurs, the internal alarm will sound and the red alarm light on the panel will light up to remind the user that the measured value exceeds the set value.