PLC Control System IEC Test Equipment , 1000mm Adjustable Automatic Cord Reels Endurance Tester

PLC Control System IEC Test Equipment , 1000mm Adjustable Automatic Cord Reels Endurance Tester

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IEC60335 Testing Equipment Of Plc Control System 1000mm Adjustable Automatic Cord Reels Endurance Tester



Standard: Clause 22.16 of IEC 60335-1 Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety – Part 1: General requirements.


Application: It is used to check the automatic cord reels shall be constructed so that they do not cause

– undue abrasion or damage to the sheath of the flexible cord;

– breakage of conductor strands;

– undue wear of contacts.


Test sample: Automatic cord reels of household appliances and similar electrical appliances.


Feature: The device adopts a multi-functional fixture, large work surface, can test cord reels up to 300cm, test speed (5-30 times / min) is adjustable, and it is suitable for most test electrical products.



Input Power220V/50HZ
Gas SourceCompressed air 5 ~ 7kg / cm²
Test Speed30 cycles / min (or at the maximum rate allowed by the construction of the cord reel if this is less)
Test Cycles0~9999 times, the test device will stop working automatically when the preset test cycles are finished
Drive ModePneumatic
Withdrawable Angle30~70°, can be preset
FixtureQuick clamping fixtures, easy for clamping the test sample
Withdrawable StrokeMaximum 1000mm, can be adjusted


Installation And Commissioning:

1. Turn on the power, preset test times and the interval time, the backward time is default (no need to preset). Regarding the setting method, please refer to the instrument parameter setting method.


2. Access to the gas source, open the intake switch, required pressure: > 0.6mpa.

Note: The reel speed will be reduced at a low pressure.


1. Adjust the position of the upper limit switch according to the required pull-out length of the cord. Start the device, and determine the pull-out length of the cord.



4. Shake the adjustment hand wheel to adjust the angle of the pull-out cord.


5. Start the device, and adjust the test speed to the desired test speed.


Adjust the test speed Adjust the air pressure Adjust the interval time


6. Install the test sample on the proper position:

   Fix the plug of the cord, then adjust the hand wheel to make the axis of the reel in the vertical position on the lift rod .

   If the sample reel has the control switch , should make the control switch in the open state.


Figure: vacuum cleaner installation schematic



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IEC Test Equipment

IEC Test Equipment

IEC Test Equipment