PLC Control LED Light Tester , 250v Self Ballasted Lamp Switches Endurance And Load Integrated Test System

PLC Control LED Light Tester , 250v Self Ballasted Lamp Switches Endurance And Load Integrated Test System

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PLC Control 250v Self Ballasted Lamp Switches Endurance Test And Load Box Integrated Test System


Standard: IEC60669-1:2017 clause 19.3 and IEC60669-2-1:2015 clause 19.109


Technical Parameters:

PowerSingle phase with ground AC220V±5%/50Hz
Intelligent industrial control system


Configuration software: E5

Oscilloscope: Tektronix or Agilent

Acquisition module: multiple

  • , WDH=600*500*1450mm,

surface electrostatic powder spraying

Switch endurance tester

Station: 3 independent test stations

Control system: 7-inch color LCD touch screen +PLC+ servo motor, It has a communication interface, which is convenient for online use or communication with other devices (such as various loads), enabling data collection and statistics.

Test stroke: 0.1~100mm, can be preset

Test speed: 0.1~200mm/s, can be preset

On/Off time: the ‘on’ period shall be(25+5 0)% of the total cycle and the ‘off’ period (750 -5)%, 0.1~99.9 can be preset

Operating rate: 3 - 40 times can be set, associated with test stroke, test speed and on/off time setting

Alarm detection: Built-in detection circuit, when the product is detected to be unqualified, there is an audible and visual alarm, and there are text prompts:

1)When the switch is bonded, continuous conduction occurs;

2)When the electric shock burns out, it cannot be connected;

3)When the count arrives.

Load connection port: different test loads can be connected as needed, such as tungsten filament lamp load, externally ballasted lamp load, TV load, inductive load, capacitive load, motor load and so on.



Self-ballasted lamp load box

Digital voltage value:Range 0 ~ 300V, precision 0.5,

Digital power value:0~9KW, precision 0.5

Output channel: 3 channel (two channels are 250W and the other channel is 400W)

Switch rated voltage: 250V ~, the input voltage is adjustable,All operating parameters are set at 250V~, including W, Ipeak, I2t, and inrush current waveforms.

Rated current 10A, 13A, 16A, 20A four optional

Each device provides a closing control device (touch screen select "calibration" function),each time is in the 90 degree angle conduction, this function can be used for initial equipment calibration and measurement verification.

With long on/ long off protection function, the protection time of 1 ~ 99S can be preset, shutdown alarm protection.


Testing principle:

IEC60669-1:2017 and IEC60669-2-1:2015, only for switches with a rated voltage of 250V.

The load box circuit shall be in accordance with Figure 12b and clause19.3, with rectifier bridge and capacitor.

Device display: Power meter and voltmeter on the device for monitoring.


Calibration method:

Manual test process and calibration method: switch sample is connected to the output terminal of the load box, the oscilloscope is connected to the calibration port, and a 0.2-level standard resistor (resistance value is 0.01 ohm) is connected in series to the switch circuit, and the voltage across the standard resistor is read by an oscilloscope, The formula of dividing the voltage by the resistance to obtain the current (I=U/R=U/0.01=100*U), the measurement waveform diagram (GB16915.1-2014 standard waveform for reference) is as follows:

The measured data is copied to the computer, and the sampled voltage signal is calculated by Excel software. Divide the voltage by the sampling resistance (0.01 ohms) to obtain the measured current value I=U/R=U/0.01=100*U.


The waveform data of 10A-100W is shown in the following table:

In order to ensure consistency and stability, the above data requires more than 5 measurements (including cold and hot), the measured values are within the requirements of the standard.


Automatic test method:

Install the switch sample to be tested to the switch endurance tester, so that the switch terminal is connected with the self-ballasted lamp load box output terminal, and the industrial computer signal line (oscilloscope) is connected to the calibration port. When the switch endurance tester is connected to the command drive manipulator to make the switch closed, the current wave sent by the self-ballasted lamp load box is turned on at a phase angle of 90°, and the industrial computer automatically collects the current peaks Ipeak, I2t, and voltage V, and automatic calculation, comparing standard data, giving a qualified failure judgment.