Overcharge Discharge Lithium Battery Testing Equipment 20V 30A

Overcharge Discharge Lithium Battery Testing Equipment 20V 30A

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Lithium Battery Overcharge Discharge Testing Equipment 20V 30A





Conforms to the standard of IEC62133-1/-2:2017, IEC 60086-1:2015, IEC 60622:2002, IEC 60623:2001, IEC 61951-1:2017, IEC 61960:2011, UL1642-2009 ,UN38.3,UL2054-2011,GB31241-2014,MH/T1020-2007 ,GB/T18287-2013,IEC62281-2012,QB/T2947-2008 ,QB/T2947-2008,GB/T31467.3-2015, GB/T31486-2015,GB/T31484-2015 ,GB/T31485-2015 and so on




Input powerAC 220V ±10% / 50Hz (Or customized according to client's requirements)
Input active power5280 W
Input impedance≥1MΩ
VoltageConstant voltage range control0.1V~20V (can be customized)
Minimum discharge voltage0V
Accuracy± 0.1% of FS
Stability± 0.1% of FS
CurrentPer channel output range0.1A~30A (can be customized)
Accuracy± 0.1% of FS
Constant voltage cut-off current0.04A
Stability± 0.1% of FS
PowerSingle channel maximum output power400w
Stability± 0.2% of FS
TimeCurrent response timeMaximum current rise time 20ms
Step time range≤(365*24)hour /step ;
Data recordData recording conditionMinimum time interval:100ms
Minimum voltage interval:40mV
Minimum current interval:40mA
Recording frequency10Hz
ChargeCharging modeConstant current charging, constant voltage charging, constant current and constant voltage charging, constant power charging, constant current and constant voltage charging of the battery pack
Cut-off conditionVoltage, current, relative time, capacity, -△V

DischargeDischarge modeConstant current discharge, constant power discharge and constant resistance discharge
Cut-off conditionVoltage, current, relative time, capacity, -△V

Pulse modeChargeConstant current mode and constant power mode
DischargeConstant current mode and constant power mode
Minimum pulse width500ms
Number of pulsesA single pulse step supports 32 different pulses
Continuous charge and discharge switchingA pulse step can achieve continuous switching from charging to discharging
Cut-off conditionVoltage, relative time
DCIR testSupport custom fetch points for DCIR calculation
CycleCycle test range1~65535 times
Single cycle working step254
Loop nestingWith nested loop function, maximum support for 3 layer nesting
ProtectionPower-down data protection
Offline testing function
The safety protection conditions can be set. The setting parameters include: voltage upper limit, voltage lower limit, current upper limit, current lower limit, capacity upper limit, delay time
Anti-reverse function
IP protection levelIP20
Channel characteristicsDouble closed loop structure of constant current source and constant pressure source 
Channel control modeIndependent control
Voltage and current detection samplingFour line connection
Data baseUsing MySQL database to centrally manage test data
Communication mode of upper computerBased on TCP/IP protocol
Server disk configuration500GB
Data output modeEXCEL 2003,2010,TXT
Server operating systemWindows 7
Communication interfaceNetwork port
Equipment working environment requirements
Working temperature range0℃~40℃
Storage temperature range-10℃~50℃
Relative humidity range of working environment≤70% RH(No condensation)
Relative humidity range of storage environment≤80% RH(No condensation)
Fixture size and size
Fixture typeAlligator fixture

Per unit chassis size


Total number of channelsTest 8 channel

Auxiliary channel


Auxiliary channel typeTemperature and voltage
Temperature range-25℃~110℃(Thermistor)
Temperature precision±1℃
Temperature resolution0.1℃
Voltage range-5V~5V
Voltage accuracy± 0.1% of FS
Number of temperature-assisted channels per channel (optional)Fill in as required (up to 248 temperature auxiliary channels)
Voltage auxiliary channel per channel (optional)Fill in as needed (up to 248 voltage assist channels)
Protection condition of auxiliary channelThe auxiliary channel protection conditions can be set, and the parameters can be set as follows: upper limit of temperature, lower temperature limit, upper limit of voltage, lower voltage limit and voltage difference of single cell.
Remarks: Incompatibility with protection board battery with soft-start function




This system is suitable for comprehensive performance testing of lithium polymer, lithium ion, nickel hydrogen, nickel cadmium, lead acid and other batteries, Battery Materials Research, The formation and capacity separation of small batch battery production, Assembled battery, laptop/tablet battery, smart phone battery, charging treasure, new energy electric vehicle single 18650 lithium battery and other product testing.




  1. The system hardware is stable and reliable, and each channel has independent constant current and hardware constant voltage source.

  2. Each channel can set the work step independently; increase the professional work step setting scheme; in any case, "stop" (including power off) work step "connect" function.

  3. Data acquisition speed is fast, accurate capture of voltage and current changes in detail, with log function. Powerful data and curve processing, report function. Data and curves can be exported to excel and word. Data and curves can be edited.

  4. Various types of fixtures can be used to test different types of electric cores, button batteries and composite batteries.

  5. Can be used offline, measurable temperature and internal resistance, and laptop battery smbus function

  6. It can be connected by serial port, network and USB. Using c/s mode, remote control.

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