1500 mm Multi Drop Direction Single Arm Drop Test Equipment ISO 2248

1500 mm Multi Drop Direction Single Arm Drop Test Equipment ISO 2248

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Multi Drop Direction Single Arm Drop Test Device




This device is suitable for reliability test for packaging products. Used to assess the affection to package of impact in the actual transport, loading and unloading process. Evaluation of the rationality of the packaging design and impact strength of the package in the handling process. Can be wide used in packaging product, oil bottom, oil bag, cement packaging and so on.



This device also known as carton drop test machine. Can carry on the multi direction drop to the packing product. In the test, the support arm rapid downward movement and then rotating, to ensure test sample free separate with the support arm. Samples free fall, angle error is less than 5 degrees, the impact of small vibration, stable and reliable, is the real surface, edge and corner drop test machine.



Drop height300~1500mm
Drop height errorwithin 2%
Support and impact panel parallel errorwithin 2°
Specimen drop surface and the horizontal anglewithin 3°
Wing area (mm2)210 x 150
Floor area (mm2)1200 x 1700
Test space (mm)800 x 800 x 1000
Bear weight (Kg)80
Height adjustmentmotor drive
Open arm modepower driven
motor power (W)750
Power supply


Main machine Dimension (mm)1100 * 1600 * 2280
Control box dimension (mm)300 * 300 * 930
Weight (Kg)about 600Kg