K Type Thermocouple Electrical Appliance Tester For Temperature Rise Test

K Type Thermocouple Electrical Appliance Tester For Temperature Rise Test

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IEC60335-1 Clause 11 Temperature Measurement Corner Electrical Appliance Tester




Standard:IEC60335-1 clause 11 Household and similar electrical appliances-safety-Part 1:General requirements.

Application:Used for the temperature rise test of all kinds of motor-operated appliances and electrical products to meet the requirements of the environmental conditions.

Test sample:Household appliances, such as microwave ovens, refrigerators.

Feature:Can make different distribution specifications, the number of temperature measurement points and outline dimension according to the actual test samples.






600X600X1000mm,800X800X1000mm,1000x1000x1200mm(it can be


ThermocoupleAmerican original OMEGA thermocouple K type with diameter less than 0.3mm
The thermocouple arrangement

All leads on a connection line(optionally equipped with

thermocouple plug and socket)

The sheet copper used for temperature measurement

The diameter of 15mm and the

thickness of 1mm

The number of temperature measuring points20,32,48,64(it can be customized)
The arrangement of temperature measuring points100*100mm or 76*76mm square(it can be customized)
PlywoodThe thickness is 20mm and the front side is painted with Berlin black and the reverse side is with gray film back
The movable partThere are 4 removable wheels installed on the bottom of the device
Structure1 bottom plate, 2 side plates, 1 top plate
Temperature recorderOptionally.