ISO4210 IEC Test Equipment Electric Bicycle Handlebar 2000N Bending Strength Servo Control With Range Of 800mm Tester

ISO4210 IEC Test Equipment Electric Bicycle Handlebar 2000N Bending Strength Servo Control With Range Of 800mm Tester

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2000N Electric Bicycle Handlebar Bending Strength Switchable Computer Servo Control Unit Tester

Standard:GB17761-2018 clause;GB 3565-2005 clause 26.1.2;EN14764-2005 clause 4.7.7;EN14766-2005 clause 4.7.7 ; EN14781-2005 clause 4.7.7 ; EN14765-2005 clause 4.8.6; ISO4210-5-2014 clause 4.9; ISO4210-2-2014 clause 4.7.7;ISO4210-3-2014 clause 4.5;


Application: Electric bicycle handlebar bending strength testing machine is used to electric bicycle handlebar riser for dynamic simulation loading. The computer output signal controls the cylinder movement and collects the force sensor signal to realize the simulation test process of the dynamic fatigue of the handlebar. It is mainly used for bending fatigue characteristics test of handlebars.



1,Sensor American World Brand;

2,Visibility curve;

3,Software program protection;

4,Easy interface;

5,Result self output.



1,Control method: computer servo control;

2,Force range: 0~2000N can be preset;

3,Unit switching: Kg, N, Lb (freely switchable);

4,Load analysis degree: 1/250000;

5,Load accuracy: ±0.2%;

6,Displacement switching:mm,cm,in;

7,Power measurement display accuracy:0.001Kg;

8,Displacement measurement display accuracy:0.001mm;

9,Bending range: adjustable from 0 to 800mm;

10,Test speed: 1 ~ 350mm / min (stepless speed regulation);

11,Transmission system: servo motor, Taiwan ZPT ball screw, computer software TM2101;

12,Safety device: overload emergency stop device, upper and lower stroke limit device, automatic breakpoint stop function;

13,Data Acquisition System: 36-bit high-speed capture card;

14,Software Control: Ability to control frequency, load time, and dwell time;

15,Test results show: computer automatic digital and curve dual display;

16,Data storage: computer automatic storage;

17,Report generation method: Automatically generate test reports based on settings and customer requirements;

18,Data saving: the system automatically saves all data during the test;

19,Stop mode: power can not reach the set value, automatic stop / test piece damage, automatic stop.


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