IEC 60335-2-25: 2014 Microwave Oven Door Endurance Test Equipment

IEC 60335-2-25: 2014 Microwave Oven Door Endurance Test Equipment

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IEC 60335-2-25: 2014 Microwave Oven Door Endurance Test Equipment



Product information:

The microwave oven door endurance tester is designed and manufactured according to IEC60335-2-25. It is a dedicated tester which is used to inspect the wear resistance of the microwave door system, including the structure of the hinge, microwave seals and other related components that during the process of using. 

The device uses advanced PLC control system and humanized touch screen operator interface, It is widely applicable to test vertical and horizontal door opening microwave oven. The test equipment is easy to operate, durable and practical.

It is equipped with full stainless steel manipulator, vacuum sucker structure and standard configuration TFT true color liquid crystal touch screen. The rotation angle and the speed of door opening/closing are adjustable. Thereby it can truly simulate the person’s hand to open and close the microwave oven door and other similar equipment. Thus achieve the intelligentized control method.

Power outlet has the function of detection which can judge whether the specimen is working with conducting. When doing the load test, if the specimen is not conducting during testing, the equipment will automatically stop working. At that time, the counter will record the test times and the alarm sounds. This function can be opened or closed according to the actual need.


Technical parameters:

Input voltage220V/60HZ
Output power2000W
Test stationSingle (vertical and horizontal opening are switchable)
Operation modePLC 7-inch touch screen humanized operation interface operation
DriverStepper motor
Testing maximum angle

(Microwave oven door opening angle) 0°- 180°

(Adjustable input values)

SpeedAdjustable, 6 times/min under power on, 12 times/min under power off
Counting methodDigital counter, count once after door closing, automatically shut down after a preset number of times.
Automatic detection functionAlarm after the numbers of completions; if the internal components of the sample are damaged in the testing process, the testing equipment automatically shut down and record the final number of trials and activate the alarm device.
Outward appearance

Aluminum frame,

Stainless steel closure plate

Dimensions960mm * 960mm * 650mm, weight: 140kg
Conform to StandardIEC60335-2-25


Sample installation and test:

A. Move the three fixtures’ position according to the sample size, and then place the sample on the work platform.

B. Press the “Homing” in the “Control Interface” screen, make the mechanical arm to return to the origin, adjust the front and back distance of sample’s door to make it fit with the sucker, the sucker does not need to adsorb the sample’s door at this moment (upper or lower height is adjusted by the mechanical arm).

C. In the【Parameters Setting Interface】Press【Manually Open Door】 button, to make it stops when the manipulator arm running to the maximum angle, then open the sample’s door to the testing required angle (confirmed with a protractor or other angle measuring tool), then press the【Manually Close Door】button, press the “Stop” button when the sucker just fit the test door, input the displaying current value to【Door Auto Displacement】set value box, that is the required door opening angle under the testing state, use this method to confirm the【Door Auto Displacement】set value.

D. By default, the test microwave does not have a door switch. Under the status that the mechanical arm and sucker are not adsorbed with the sample’s door, press “Start” to make it running freely, observe whether the mechanical arm opening angle is the same with the sample’s door opening angle, if not, appropriate, please modify the angle value to make the sucker completely fit with sample’s door.

Note: The sample door’s open angle can also be set by angle compensation, for example, when the microwave oven door is opened to 90 °, the current value displays 75° (after the sucker completely fit with sample’s door), then the angle compensation setting is: 90°-75°=15°, the 15°is input in 【Angle Compensation】value box. Conversely enter a negative value.

E. Mechanical arm backs to origin, sucker adsorbs with sample’s door, and sample is fixed with the three fixtures.

F. If the test sample has a door switch, adjust the position of the door opening device, the door opening device is aligned with sample door button, fixing auxiliary mechanism. Press【Manipulator Forward】, to make the door opening device forward move, then press【Homing】button, to make the door opening device return to the origin position, and then press 【Manipulator Forward】, to make the door opening device forward move and stop when the door is opened, observed the value display in the【Manipulator Displacement】,input this value into the value box of the 【Forward Displacement】, the forward displacement is completed. Then press the 【Manipulator Backward】button to make the door opening device backward to the door reset switch and then backward some distance, observed the value display in the【Manipulator Displacement】,【Forward Displacement】setting value - display value after the backward=【Backward Displacement】value. Input this value into the value box of the【Backward Displacement】,the backward displacement is completed.


With switch and without switch selection: The system default is without switch, if need to choose with switch, the door and the door switch must return to the homing position after (homing light illuminate), press【Pause】, 【Count Cleared】button, and then press 【Manipulator On/ Off】button, and choose to be successful, the corresponding status indicator light illuminate. Please pay attention to this.

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