IEC62560 Clause 15 Circuit Figure 8 Light Testing Equipment For Non - Dimmable Lamp

IEC62560 Clause 15 Circuit Figure 8 Light Testing Equipment For Non - Dimmable Lamp

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IEC62560 Clause 15 Test Circuit Figure 8 For Testing A Non- Dimmable Lamp

Product Introduction

The test circuit for testing a non-dimmable lamp is manufactured according to IEC62560 clause 15 figure 8.


Standard description:

15.Abnormal operation

Self-ballasted lamps shall not create hazard under abnormal operating conditions .

Self-ballasted lamps shall be constructed so that as a result of abnormal or careless operation ,the risk of fire and mechanical damage impairing safety of protection against electric shock is obviated .

Appling non-dimmable self-ballasted lamps on a diameter or an electronic switch is to be tested as a possible case of abnormal operation .

Test procedure :

Test non-dimmable lamp in test circuit shown in figure 8.

Determine R1 and S1 setting at which the maximum I r.m.s occurs.

Test at this situation ,and if the lamp passively fails within 60 min ,repeat the test at 10% lower I r.m.s. The lower I r.m.s shall be set in the decreasing potentiometer resistance direction .

Repeat this procedures until stable operation is achieved for minimum 60 min .

Operate the lamp fpr 8H at the above most onerous dimming level (potentiometer adjustment )




Compliance is checked by operating the sample free burning ,vertical cap up position or in the burning position indicated on the packaging at room temperature and at the rated voltage .

In case a voltage range is declared ,the test has to be carried out at the mean voltage of that declared range .

In case of alternative rated voltages ,the test shall be performed separately for each rated voltage .

During this test the lamp shall not catch fire ,or produce flammable gases and live parts shall not become accessible with the standard test finger .



1. Please do not damage the appliance shape (such as scratching, bending, etc.).

2. Prevented from dust and moisture environment, in order to avoid the oxidation to affect the dimensional accuracy.