IEC 62196-1 Connection Set Conductive Charging For Electric Vehicles Test Machine

IEC 62196-1 Connection Set Conductive Charging For Electric Vehicles Test Machine

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IEC 62196-1 Connection Set Of Conductive Charging For Electric Vehicles Test Machine





IEC 61851-1 specifies electric vehicle conductive charging equipment. This international standard, referred to as the IEC 60309 series in IEC 61851-1, specifies the requirements for plugs, socket-outlets, connectors, inlets and cable assemblies as described in IEC 61851-1. Some charging can be achieved by direct connection from an electric vehicle to common mains socket outlets. Some modes of charging require a dedicated supply and charging equipment incorporating control and communication circuits. This standard covers the mechanical, electrical and performance requirements for dedicated plugs, socket outlets, vehicle connectors and vehicle inlets for interfacing between such dedicated charging equipment and the electric vehicle.

This international standard may be published in several parts, as necessary, including this Part 1, comprising clauses of a general character, and subsequent parts, presenting particular requirements for individual types.


Function overview:

Shutters shall be so designed that they withstand the mechanical force which may be expected in normal use, for example when a pin of a plug is inadvertently forced against the shutter of a socket-outlet entry hole.

Compliance is checked by the following tests, which are carried out on specimens which have been submitted to the test according to clause 23.

One pin from a plug of the same system is applied for 1 min with a force of 75 N against the shutter of an entry hole in a direction perpendicular to the front surface of the socket-outlet.

The pin shall not come in contact with live parts.

An electrical indicator with a voltage not less than 40 V and not more than 50 V is used to show contact with the relevant part.

After the test, the specimens shall show no damage within the meaning of this standard.


Corresponding standard: IEC 62196-1 Clause 26 "mechanical strength" requirements;


Technical requirements:

Swing speed and the angle are adjustable;

It is according to the rated current and rated voltage of the charging pile to proceed load test.


Technical parameters:

Swing speed can be adjusted0-60 times / min
swing angle is adjustable0-180
Applicable cross-sectional area of the connectorMaximum 240mm²
Power and load box capacityvoltage 0-450V, accuracy: 2%
Current0-35A, accuracy: 2%; with six sets of load
Station6 stations, with 6 sets of fixtures, 20N and 25N weights, each one with 6pcs
Test times0-999999 times, can be preset, the standard requirements is 20000 times, unilateral 90° movement each bending



Load Chamber For Power Cord Flexing Tester LP-2


Product information:

This device is designed according to the relevant technical requirements of IEC, UL, and related technical requirement of national standards. It is applied to test of current power cords, cables and electrical material whose tested requirements of the current are under 50A/20A. There are 6 current, circuit output and the voltage between circuit are adjustable, this test machine adopts the imported instrument, reasonable and advanced construction, have high rigidity, easy to operate, beautiful appearance.


Technical parameters:

Input voltageAC220V±5%, 50HZ
Output current0 ~ 40A stepless adjustable
Output voltage0 ~ 450V
Test station6 stations
Ammeter accuracy±1%
Connecting wire7PIN Aerial cable
Environment temperature-10℃~50℃