IEC62133 Battery Testing Equipment , 8 Door Stainless Steel Explosion Proof Test Chamber

IEC62133 Battery Testing Equipment , 8 Door Stainless Steel Explosion Proof Test Chamber

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IEC62133 Battery Test Equipment of 8 Chambers Stainless Steel Explosion Proof Test Chamber





IEC62133 clause 7.2.1,7.3.8,7.3.9,8.2.1, IEC 60086-1,IEC60622,IEC60623,IEC61951,IEC61960, UL1642, QC/T 743 and etc.




Inner Chamber SizeW500 X H500 X D500mm*8
Inner chamber Material1.5mm stainless steel
External Chamber MaterialCold rolled steel spray treatment
Explosion-proof GlassDouble 200X200 explosion proof glass, visible
Chamber doorConnected to the chamber by powerful hinge, with explosion proof lock
BottomOne piece of marble slab to protect from battery external short circuit
TopEquipped with a high brightness energy-saving lamps to illuminate the entire test space
Venting fanA strong exhaust fan is installed in the back of the chamber
Pressure relief doorBuilt in the back of each chamber. In the event of a battery explosion, the door will open and release pressure.
Testing portDiamter:50mm cable port with stainless steel cover
Control PanelControl the venting fan and lighting
Inside2 power line with two insulated handle thread clamp inside the chamber, which is used to clamp the positive and negative pole of the battery
WheelsInstalled with universal wheel at the bottom of the chamber
Power sourceAC 220V 2A




Eight anti-explosion chambers, divided into left, middle and right parts




This equipment is used to prevent explosion or burning unnecessary damage to the test personnel in the battery overcharge and over discharge. It is made of steel material with good texture and anti explosion effect.

It is used for when the battery is overcharge and over-discharged, Charge and discharge test, put the battery into the explosion proof test chamber, external charge discharge tester, protect the operators and instruments ,the test chamber can be customized by customer’s requirements .