IEC61058.1 / IEC60669.1 Switch Tester Pneumatic Switch Life Testing Machine

IEC61058.1 / IEC60669.1 Switch Tester Pneumatic Switch Life Testing Machine

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IEC61058.1 / IEC60669.1 Switch Tester Pneumatic Switch Life Testing Machine



Product Information:

This testing machine is according to IEC61058.1 and IEC60669.1 standards to design, it is suitable for household and similar fixed electrical installations switch capacity and normal operating life test. Its aim at checking the switch whether is able to withstand the mechanical damage and electrical fatigue damage in normal use, and if there are adhesion phenomena or prolonged closed or disconnected phenomena occur, inspect whether there are excessive wear and other harmful consequences with it.It is  suitable for the straight toggle switch test of button switch and rocker switch, using pneumatic parts as the power, the actions from start to finish are adjustable, achieve to the breaking capacity of testing switch and life performance.

Before and after the action time is adjustable to achieve detection switch-off capacity and lifetime performance.

This test machine adopts electromagnetic valve to control gas source, do reciprocating motion by air cylinder drive compression bar, safety, durable and reliable, do not need to adjust. When the switch is bonding or out of order lead to a continuous connect or disconnect, there will be a fault alarm and record the corresponding number of experiments, it will alarm when get to the required times; when an alarm occurs, the test stops automatically. This complete machine with elegant appearance, practical and easy to operate, it is an essential laboratory instrument for the quality inspection departments, R&D institution to test the safety performance of related household products.
Technical Parameters:






Power supply




Single station, customizable


Operation interface

Keys operation


Drive mode



Test times

0~999999s, can be preset


Compression time

0~999.9s, can be preset


Origin  time

0~999.9s, can be preset


Test trip



Test speed rate



Temperature, Relative humidity and Atmospheric pressure



Working place

No violent shaking, vibration, electromagnetic interference, no dust,
Non-explosive and corrosive gases, good heat dissipation


IEC 60669-1 Clause 18. Making and breaking capacity

Switches shall have adequate making and breaking capacity.

For the purpose of this test, pilot lights are disconnected.

Compliance is checked by the test of 18.1 and, for switches having a rated current not exceeding 16 A and having a rated voltage up to and including 250 V and for switches of pattern Nos 3 and 03 and rated voltage over 250 V, by additional tests of 18.2.

Cord-operated switches shall be tested mounted as in normal use and with a pull of a value adequate to operate the cord-operated switch, but not exceeding 50 N, on the cord throughout the test, at 30℃±5℃ to the vertical and in a plane perpendicular to the mounting surface.

The tests are made by means of an apparatus the principle of which is as shown in figure 12.
The connections are shown in figure 13.

Switches are fitted with conductors as for the test of clause 17.

Clause 18.1 switches are tested at 1.1 times the rated voltage and 1.25 times the rated current.

They are subjected to 200 operations at a uniform rate of:

30 operations per minute if the rated current does not exceed 10 A;

15 operations per minute if the rated current exceeds 10 A but is less than 25 A;

7.5 operations per minute if the rated current is 25 A or more.

For rotary switches intended to be operated in either direction, the actuating member is turned in one direction for half the total number of operations and in the reverse direction for the remainder.

Switches are tested using an alternating current (cosø=0.3±0.05). Resistors and inductors are not connected in parallel, except that, if an air-coreinductor is used, a resistor taking approximately 1 % of the current through the inductor is connected in parallel with it.

After the test, the specimens shall show no damage which may impair their use.

Breakage of the replaceable pull cord, not involving the part entering the cord-operated switch, shall not be considered a failure to pass the test.


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