IEC60884 Plug Socket Tester Sockets and Outlets Lifespan Tester

IEC60884 Plug Socket Tester Sockets and Outlets Lifespan Tester

  • Model:

Sockets and Outlets Lifespan Tester

Product overview:

This device complies with standard terms of 20, 21 in GB2099.1-2008 (figure 16) IEC884-1(figure 16). It can be used for the test of breaking volume of socket and outlet, and mechanical action of normal operation lifespan test. It is also used for the lifespan test and the capability of all kinds of linear switches. This equipment uses pneumatic unit as motive power and its power-on time and intermittent time can be adjusted.

Technical parameters:

Air source: 5 ~ 8 kg/cm²

Setting experiment time: 0.1 ~ 999.9 S can be set (four number displayed)

Working station: 2

 It is equipped with the plug and socket clamp and switch jig

It is also equipped with wiring terminal through which the tester can be connected with the load box for the load test.

Power supplyAC 220V±10% 50Hz
Operation interface7 inch color LCD touch screen
Drive modeservo motor + ball screw / timing belt or pneumatic
Control systemPLC control

2 Stations:

1 liner stations;

1 rotating stations.

Independent control

Test sampleButton switch, rocker switch, toggle switch, rotary switch, plug and socket
Test times0-999999, preset
Connecting time0-99.9s, preset
Liner stroke0-100mm, preset
Rotate angle0-360°, preset
Test speed

15 times per min

7.5 times per min

30 times per min

ClampXYZ three axis clamp

Test mechanism


Button switch push rod, toggle switch mechanism, rocker switch pulley mechanism
Load ports2 ports

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