IEC60884 Two Station Load Box Resistive Inductive And Capacitive Load Three In One Switchable

IEC60884 Two Station Load Box Resistive Inductive And Capacitive Load Three In One Switchable

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IEC60884 Load Box


Product Introduction

The load boxes are designed and manufactured according to IEC60884,IEC61058,IEC606691 standards and etc. It is applicable for household and similar fixed electrical installations switches and plug sockets breaking capacity and normal operation test, the rated voltage of the switch is not greater than 280V and the rated current less than 16A. The purpose is assessing whether the switch is able to withstand the normal use of mechanical damage and electrical fatigue damage, and whether the contacts has adhesion phenomenon, long-term closed or disconnected phenomena, to examine whether the test samples excessive worn and have other harmful consequences.

The frame of the load box is blue, side panels is light gray. Front top is the operator control panel, the panels are made of high quality aluminum plate, etching sandblasting colored craft, attractive and durable. There are power switch/current/voltage and power/power factor displaying instruments, load power switches, status indicators, start and stop buttons, capacitance switches, load switches and alarms etc. Below corresponds to the output voltage regulation knobs, output current regulation knobs and power factor regulation knobs. The load box has two independent stations, each with resistive, inductive and capacitive (fluorescent type) load three in one feature, they are switchable. The interior of the load box is cooled by strong wind convection cooling. At the back of the load box there are wire connecting terminals, the load box outputs current voltage and power during the detection by connecting the wire with the test samples on the endurance test machine.


Technical Parameters


1Power SupplyAC380, 50Hz.
2Voltage VRange 0 ~ 300V accuracy ± 05% ± 2d
3Current ARange 0 ~ 60A accuracy ± 05% ± 2d
4Power KWRange 0~20KW, accuracy±05%
5Power FactorRange 03 to 0999 accuracy ± 05% ± 2d
6Load SelectionResistive, Inductive and Capacitive load three in one, switchable
7Capacitance Selection70uf, 140uf, 73uf optional
8Output ModeEach power, Interval power optional
9Count/Preset0~999999 times, can be preset
10Load power capacity2*20KVA
11Output current limit60A, the load will be automatically cut off when over 63A
12Output voltage limit300V, the load will be automatically cut off when over 320V
13Atmospheric pressure80~106kpa
14Ambient temperature5~40°C
15Relative humidity(20~90)%RH
16Use environmentRequires no violent shaking, no vibration, no electromagnetic interference, no dust, no explosive, no corrosive gases, needs good heat dissipation place
17Dimensions and weight



Do you need more IEC60884 test ?Click here IEC60884 equipment.pdf to get IEC60884 equipment list .


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