IEC60884 / IEC61058 Plug Socket Tester Load Box For Lab Equipment Testing

IEC60884 / IEC61058 Plug Socket Tester Load Box For Lab Equipment Testing

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Load Box For Lab Equipment Testing



Product overview:

This load box is designed and manufactured according to IEC60884,IEC61058,IEC606691 standards and etc. It is used for the on-off ability test and the normal operation lifespan test of the Switches for household and similar fixed-electrical installations. Besides, it is also applied in the test of breaking volume of plug and socket, and mechanical action of normal operation lifespan.

This device is with blue framework and gray cover. The top of this apparatus is the operation control panel on which there are switches for controlling power supply, for the electric capacity conversion and for the load type conversion. There are also the displaying meters of connecting current and voltage as well as power, the buttons of start and stop, alarm, the status indicator light and so on. Below are the according knobs for output voltage adjustment, for current adjustment and for inductance adjustment. There are three load lines. Each of them has the function of resistive, inductive and capacitive Load test. The kind of load test can be chosen by the transferring switch. The load box inside is cooled by the strong wind convection. There are terminals below the load box through which the load box can be connected with the switch and plug-socket endurance tester using the wire. During the process of test, the equipment outputs the current and voltage as well as power.


 Technical parameters:







Meter Power

single phrase with ground wire AC220V/50Hz

Load Power

Three-phrase and four-wire AC380/50Hz(single phrase AC220V,in total three pairs)


Working station

Three stations (It can be customized)


Digital display voltage meter



Digital display current meter



Digital display power meter



Digital display power factor meter      



Load method

Resistive, inductive and capacitive load (three in one) it can be transformed.


Capacitive load

70uf,140uf,7.3uf can be chosen.


Load output

Each power and interval power can be chosen.



0~999999,it can be preset.


The volume of load power supply



The maximum of the output current

30A,when it exceeds 32A, it stopped automatically.


The maximum of the output voltage

300V, when it exceeds 305V, the load is stopped automatically.


Atmospheric pressure



Environmental temperature



Relative humidity



Using place

No violent shaking

Without electromagnetic interference and dust.

No explosive or corrosive gas.

 Good heat dissipation


Size and weight



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