IEC 60884-1 Fig41 Compression Testing Machine High Temperature Indentation Device

IEC 60884-1 Fig41 Compression Testing Machine High Temperature Indentation Device

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IEC 60884-1 Fig41 Compression Testing Machine High Temperature Indentation Device




Product details:

Conforming to the standard of IEC 60811-508, GB/T2951.31-2008, this test device is used to test the hot stretching performance of the electrical cable’s insulation sleeve. It is used with the climatic chamber or the heating cabinet.

Full structure made of special treated steel resistance to corrosion. Intelligent design enable the device to test 3 specimens (on flat support, on 90°groove support, 120°groove support or any combination) at same time.


Technical parameters:

Number of working station3
Width of cut0.7+0.01mm
Weight1,2,5,10,20,50,100,200,500,1000g,1500g (one each)
SupportFlat, 90°, 120°(three each)
Weight of cutter and tray100g
MaterialStainless steel
Dimension280*125*310mm, 10kg



The device is mainly composed of a frame with three stations, each station include three supports (Flat, 90°and 120°) , one cutter and one weight tray.

Equipped with 10 weights: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000g, and added a 1500g weight, 11 total.

    Supports: up side 120°,                             bottom side 90°,                remove the steel plate is flat.


Working principle

This device is to be used with the climatic chamber or the heating cabinet.

  • Prepare the specimen according to IEC 60811 requirements;

  • Select corresponding support and weights;

  • Install the specimen in position, put weights on tray;

  • Place the device into a certain temperature oven for a certain time according to IEC 60811 requirements;

  • Measure the cutting depth. Record the test result.


  • Please do not touch the device with hand directly after or during test, to avoid scald.

  • Please do not damage the appliance shape (such as scratching, bending, etc.).

  • Prevented from dust and moisture environment, in order to avoid the oxidation to affect the dimensional and mass accuracy.

  • Keep the device in a dry and clean environment after test.

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