IEC60669-1 Clause 19.3 Electrical Appliance Tester Self Ballast Lamp Load Box 3 Channel

IEC60669-1 Clause 19.3 Electrical Appliance Tester Self Ballast Lamp Load Box 3 Channel

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IEC60669-1 clause 19.3 Self Ballast Lamp Load Box




 IEC60669-1:2017 clause 19.3




 This device is suitable for breaking capacity and normal operation life test to fixed switches for house held and similar purpose, especially suitable for self ballast lamp switch electric stress and thermal stress test when control the LED circuit. To verify whether the switch can withstand normal use, any mechanical damage or electrical fatigue failure under normal operation, any contact adhesion phenomenon or long term closure or disconnection phenomenon, to test whether excessive wear or other harmful consequences.


Test sample


 Self Ballast Lamp(SBL) Switches




 Dimension about: wide (800mm) * Deep (800mm) * high (1800mm). The frame is blue and the side panels are light white. Above the front is the operation control panel. On the control there are power switch, product test voltage and power display instruments, alarms, touch screen, etc., there are resistors and capacitor load combinations, AC contactors, relays. There is a terminal under the box, which is connected to the product in the testing machine through the wire, and outputs current and provides load in the inspection process.

The load device has been preset with standard load conditions before shipment. As long as the test voltage is adjusted to 250V~, the operator presses the switch button with the same rated current as the switch to be tested, and its rated power, impulse waveform, Ipeak and I2t meet the corresponding requirements of the standard.

There are 3 stations and 3 switches can be tested at the same time.

With metering mode and metering dedicated port, built-in 90-degree closing plate, easy to measure the output waveform, Ipeak current value and I2t energy value, fully meet the standards for equipment measurement requirements.

The device is equipped with a voltage regulator, which can reach the voltage of 250V required by the switch test without the need of an external voltage regulator.




1. Power supply: single phase AC220V±5%/50Hz, power supply to test sample prepared by user.

2. Voltage meter: Range 0 ~ 300V, precision 0.5, digital display

3. Power meter: 0~9KW, precision 0.5, digital display

4. Output channel: 3 channel

5. Each preset switch rated voltage 250V ~, rated current 10A, 13A, 16A, 20A four optional (can be customized test voltage and Test current).

6. The input voltage is adjustable to ensure that the test voltage is 250V~

7. All operating parameters are set at 250V~, including W, Ipeak, I2t, and inrush current waveforms.

8. Each device provides a closing control device (touch screen select "measurement" function),each time is in the 90 degree angle conduction, this function can be used for initial equipment calibration and measurement verification.

9. With long / long protection function, the protection time of 1 ~ 99S can be preset, shutdown alarm protection.

10. Use environment: temperature 5 ~ 40 °C, relative humidity 20 ~ 90% RH, atmospheric pressure 80 ~ 106kpa. No severe vibration, no electromagnetic interference, no dust, corrosive gas, good heat dissipation.