IEC60587-1984 High Voltage Tracking Tester Plc Touch Screen Control Integrated Design

IEC60587-1984 High Voltage Tracking Tester Plc Touch Screen Control Integrated Design

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IEC60587-1984 High Voltage Tracking Tester Plc Touch Screen Control Integrated Design




IEC60587-1984 and D2303.




Under the influence of moisture and impurities in electrical products, between the different polarity live parts or between the live parts and the grounding metal may cause leakage on the insulation. The generated arc may cause electrical short-circuit or electrical discharge due to discharge. Loss or even fire causes a fire. Leakage tracking test is a destructive test performed on insulating material to simulate the above conditions, and it is used to measure and evaluate the relative creepage resistance of insulator under the action of electric field and impurity water at the specified voltage.


Test sample


Solid electrical insulation materials and products for electronic products and household appliances, such as: relay sockets, changeover switch covers, contactors, etc.




The tester consists of an experimental part and a control part with an integrated design to facilitate on-site installation and commissioning. Test case shell and structural parts made of SUS304 stainless steel or brass; electrode head SUS304 stainless steel, high temperature corrosion resistance; drop count accurate, stable and reliable control system.




Control methodPLC touch screen control
Electrode material

Using the upper and lower electrodes, an alternating voltage of 2.5 kV to 10 kV was applied.

When the short circuit leakage current is equal to or greater than 60mA in the test circuit, the time is maintained for 2 seconds.

Relay action, cut off the current, indicating that the sample failed

Dropping deviceThe time constant of the drip device is adjustable so that the drip volume and the drip time interval are precisely controlled
Test voltage current500 ~ 10kV (adjustable) (digital display); 5 ~ 60mA (binning can be set), short-circuit current up to 100mA; (digital display);
Current control impedance60, 50, 30, 15KΩ or set according to actual requirements, achieve the requirements of secondary test current 10, 22, 33 and 40mA by switching
Secondary current limiting resistor15KΩ or set according to actual circuit requirements
Test electrode

2 pairs, respectively, are smooth burrless stainless steel electrodes 0.15mm thick, 12.7×25.4, angle of 160°;

And tungsten rod electrode Φ2.4 × 45mm, with the axis and the angle of 30 ° head;

The force of the electrode on the sample50g±5g.
Number of droplets1-9999 (digital display, can be preset)
Test wind speed0.2m/s (new standard)
Pressure drop1.0A 0.1A (error); 100mA (correct) ±8%
Tracking judgment

Criterion A: When the current through the sample in the high pressure loop exceeds 60 mA, it reaches the end point.

The overcurrent device shuts off the power at this time.

Criterion B: When the mark reaches the mark on the surface of the sample at 25 mm from the lower electrode, the end point is reached.

DimensionsWidth 600mm x depth 500mm x height 1000mm, exhaust hole diameter ø 100mm
ConfigurationIt is recommended to choose the electronic weighing device
AccessoriesDepth gauge: The accuracy of the depth gauge is ±0.01mm, and the tip of the probe is a hemisphere with a radius of 0.25mm.

Flammability Testing Equipment

Flammability Testing Equipment

Flammability Testing Equipment