IEC 60335 Refrigerator Washing Machine Door Open Integrated Endurance PLC Control

IEC 60335 Refrigerator Washing Machine Door Open Integrated Endurance PLC Control

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IEC 60335 Washing Machine Refrigerator Door Open Integrated Endurance PLC Control Test Equipment



Product Introduction

The integrated door endurance tester is special designed and manufactured as per IEC 60335-2-11 clause 20.101, IEC 60335-2-6 clause 22.108, IEC 60335-2-24 clause 22.112. Suitable for testing tumble washing machine / dryer doors, pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens doors, refrigerator doors. It is a special equipment for durability and structural testing of doors of small household appliances.


The equipment adopts advanced PLC intelligent control system, 10" touch screen humanized operation interface to make recording and display more accurate; with functions of test times preseting, current on/ off detection, load voltage regulation and display, test speed, test stroke, open / close door pull force setting, pull force transient curve display, test data storage and query, fault alarm and etc.  Whether the test sample is qualified or not can be analyzed by the recorded data. The whole machine is divided into tumble washing machine/dryer, pyrolytic self-cleaning oven test station, refrigerator test station.The performance of this equipment is stable performance and the operation of this equipment is convenient. It is highly recommended for metrology institutes and laboratories.


Technical Parameters

1Power supplyAC220V,50 or 110V, 60Hz (can be customized)
2Test stations

2 stations:

One test station for tumble washing machine/dryer, pyrolytic self-cleaning oven 

One test station for refrigerator

3Operation interface10-inch color LCD touch screen
4Driving modeServo motor
5Control systemPLC programmable control
6Test times0~999999 times, can be preset and displayed
7Door open /close angle0-130°,can be preset
8Door open /close speed0-360°/s, can be preset
9Test project

1. washing machine door interlocks test

2. washing machine door endurance test

3. washing machine door structure test

4. oven door endurance test

5. refrigerator door endurance test

6. refrigerator open door test

10Test environmentAtmospheric pressure 80 ~ 106kpa; ambient temperature 5 ~ 40 ° C; relative humidity (20 ~ 80)% RH; use place: no vigorous shaking, vibration, no electromagnetic interference, no dust, no explosive and corrosive gas, good heat dissipation



IEC60335-2-11 Clause 20.101

20.101.Appliances shall have means to prevent opening of the door during operation or an interlock which disconnects the motor before the door opening exceeds 75mm .it shall not be possible to start the motor while the door opening exceeds 75mm ,for appliance with a door opening having a dimension exceeding 30cm and a drum having a volume exceeding 100dm³,starting of the motor shall not be possible until a separate means which controls the movemend of the drum is operated manually .however ,for appliances loaded from the front ,the dimension are reduced to 25cm for the door opening and 75dm³ for the drum volume .

Interlock shall be constructed so that unexpected operation of the appliances is unlikely to occur while the door is open .

Compliance is checked by inspection ,by measurement and by manual test with the appliance supplied at rated voltage and under normal operation .

It means to prevent the door opening incorporates a coil or similar component to lock the door in the closed position ,the competent is energized and de-energized 6000times ,six times a minute or at the rate imposed by the construction of the appliance if this is lower .

The locking means and its competent shall be fit for further use .


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