IEC60335 Plug Socket Tester Electrical Contact Indicator For Probe

IEC60335 Plug Socket Tester Electrical Contact Indicator For Probe

  • Model:

Electrical Contact Indicator for Probe



Product details:

This device is designed and manufactured according to the standard of IEC60335. It is used with the testing probe for the convenience and correctness.

In the two output electrodes, the low potential (the red one) is connected with the energized part of the electrical appliance and the high potential is connected with the input terminal of the probe used. At this time, conduct the circuit and push the button of start. Then use the probe to touch the parts that maybe electrified. If the alarm of the equipment sounds, it is proved that the testing part is electrified. Then push the button of reset and cut down the circuit.



Technical parameters:


1, working voltage:AC 220V±5%   50HZ±1%

2, electrode output the testing voltage:AC40-50V

3, it is suitable to use this equipment in such environment:

Temperature: 0-40

Relative humidity:≤80%

No shaking and no corrosive gas



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