IEC 60335-2-4 Drop Test Apparatus Rubber Hemisphere With Diameter Of 70 mm

IEC 60335-2-4 Drop Test Apparatus Rubber Hemisphere With Diameter Of 70 mm

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IEC 60335-2-4 Drop Test Apparatus Rubber Hemisphere With Diameter Of 70 mm



Product information:


The drop test device is specially designed and manufactured according to IEC 60335-2-4 (par. 21.101) and IEC 60335-2-7 (par. 21.101.1). 

Clause 21.101: Lids of appliances shall have adequate mechanical strength.

Compliance is checked by the following test.

A rubber hemisphere having a diameter of 70 mm and a hardness between 40 IRHD and 50 IRHD is fixed to a cylinder having a mass of 20 kg and dropped from a height of 10 cm onto the centre of the lid.

The test is carried out three times, after which the lid shall not be damaged to the extent that moving parts become accessible.

It is used for detect the impact-resistance mechanical strength properties of the appliances covers by loading loads from the top.


Technical parameters:

Parameters NameParameter Data
HammerRubber hammer hemisphere, hardness 40I RHD-50I RHD; hammer handle is made of stainless steel; weight: 20kg
Impact height100mm, can be adjusted by adjustable feet
Locking modeSelf-locking by enhancing the hammer
Release modeManually release
Sample’s dimensionW * D = (200 ~ 800) * 480mm


Structural description:

A. The device has a self-locking hammer mechanism. The hammer is made of C40 galvanized steel (diameter 150mm, total mass 20KG), and it is with a diameter 70mm hardness IRHD 40-50 rubber hemisphere. The hammer can be released by the handle.
B. The device has stainless steel frame, 200mm-800mm width is adjustable, t is applicable for different specifications test samples.
C. The device is easy to operate, simple and practical.


Operation method:

1. Install sample: Place the drop test device on the top of the sample’s cover, adjust the adjustable feet to make the height from the initial position of the hammer to the sample is 100mm.
2. Enhance the hammer until it is self-locking, then press the handle to release the hammer, the hammer will free drop and impact test specimens.
3. Repeat impacting the test specimens three times. After that, if the test sample cover is not damaged to let the hammer touch the internal parts of the test sample, then the sample is qualified.



1.The test device is placed level when installing the test sample.

2.Pay attention to safety when processing the impact test.


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