IEC60331-1 Normal Electric Water Heater Tester With Ressurization Range 0 ~ 1.2MP

IEC60331-1 Normal Electric Water Heater Tester With Ressurization Range 0 ~ 1.2MP

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IEC60331-1 Electric Water Heater Normal Tester With Ressurization Range 0 ~ 1.2MP


Standard :

IEC60331-1, GB/T20289-2006, GB/21519-2008



This device is used for testing the performance of electric water heater when out of the factory. Tests are including performance test pressure test, flowing test, temperature test, power consumption test.

High current arc ignition tester adopts dual electrodes. With specific current (33A) and power factor (COSφ0.5), according to a certain arc strike speed (254mm/s) and repetition frequency (40 times/min), repeatedly arc strike to 200 times on the surface of specimen. The large current arc ignition performance (HAI) can be assessed according to whether the sample can be ignited.


Test sample:

Electrical storage water heater



1.Control Method: PLC controller

2.8inch touch screen display output

3.The tester is constituted of aluminum alloy frame and stainless steel, All pipes are made of SUS304 stainless steel, Core components are used "AirTAC" or imported components to control, Accurate accuracy, stable performance, The service life is two times higher than ordinary water storage electric water heater, It is the necessary testing equipment in the water heater industry

4.The tester insulates station vertically, wall hanging position vertically, horizontal direction adjustable, mainly used for quickly heating type or storage type electric water heating normal test under the electrifying state



Water circulation system

Water cycle system, water pressurization, regulator system, pressurization range: 0 ~ 1.2MP (common performance test of the regulator system)
Hydraulic pressureHydraulic pressure adjustable . Each station of the water system is equipped with a flow regulating valve, ball valve, pressure regulating valve installed in front of the test stand, to facilitate adjustment operation
Work stationMultiple work stations can be customized, Each station is provided with a pressure gauge, a glass rotor flowmeter, a power, a voltage and a sound light alarm function under the inlet pipe of each station
Structural materialThe frame is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel profiles, pipes are made of stainless steel pipes and sinks
Voltage220V 60Hz
Test sample power0-400V AC adjustable voltage 60Hz
Parallel structure


Water, gas, electric circuit and electric water heater are tested in the whole type, and the pipelines are connected in parallel

Safety protection device


Machine ground, with short circuit, leakage, stop and other abnormal alarm function and automatic power