IEC 60068 Programmable High And Low Temperature Test Chamber With 150L Volume

IEC 60068 Programmable High And Low Temperature Test Chamber With 150L Volume

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IEC 60068 Programmable High And Low Temperature Test Chamber With 150L Volume



Product information:


This product is based on user requirements, reference GB2423 [1] .02 high-temperature test methods, GB2423 [1] .01 low temperature test methods, appropriate technical conditions to manufacture. The main provider of temperature and humidity changes in the environment for the aerospace, aviation, petroleum, chemical, military, automotive (motorcycle), shipbuilding, electronics, communications, and other scientific research and production units, for users of the machine (or parts), electrical appliances, equipment, materials, etc. for temperature and humidity tests to assess the suitability of the test or the test of behavior to make a comment. New product development, prototype testing, product qualification testing means important test the whole process essential.



Technical parameters:


Volume, size and weight

Nominal inside volume

( 150L)

Inner box size

W(500 )mm × H( 600)mm × D(500 )mm


W( 1070)mm × H( 1460)mm × D( 1070)mm


( 150)KG


Test environmental conditions

Under a condition of without sample inside the test chamber, the environment temperature is + 5 ~ + 28 ℃, relative humidity ≤85%,

Test method


GB/T 5170.2-2008 Temperature test equipment

GB/T 5170.5-2008 Humidity test equipment

Temperature range

(-20 )℃~+150℃

Control accuracy


(It means the difference between the controller set value and measured value of the controller)

Temperature fluctuation

≤0.5℃(Temperature fluctuation is half of the difference between the center of the highest measured temperature and the minimum temperature)

Temperature error

≤±1℃(The average temperature of the studio temperature controller’s display value  minus the average temperature of measured center)

Temperature uniformity

≤2.0℃(Temperature uniformity is the arithmetic mean value of the difference between the measured maximum temperature and the minimum temperature in each test)

Temperature rise time

3℃/min(Nonlinear load)

Cooling time

0.75~1℃/min(Nonlinear load)

Work noise


A sound level≤70dB(A)

(At environment temperature of 25 ℃, measured in the anechoic chamber of less echo; adopt A-weighting, the average value of test 8 points; each test point level from the source of the noise is 1 meter ,height from the ground is 1 meter)


Thermal insulation structure



1. Outer material: high-quality sand surface stainless steel plate

2. The inner wall material: high-quality mirror surface stainless steel plate

3. Cabinet insulation material: rigid polyurethane foam + glass fiber

Chamber standard configuration



1. Observation window: transparent electric membrane hollow glass 1 pc (on the door)

2. Lead hole: φ50mm 1 pc (In the left side of the box)

3. Preparation of the door interior lighting (Longevity and high efficient energy-saving lamps)

4. Mobile casters: 4 pcs

5. Fixed feet cup: 4 pcs (the height is adjustable)

6. Sample frame: two layers of stainless steel sample holder, 8 hooks, load-bearing (uniform): 25kg / layer

(The sample inside does not exceed the cumulative total load: 100kg)

8. PC communication software CD, U disk interface, RS23 communication interface, misuse hardware lock, communication cable 1 pc


Single open hinged door (facing the cabinet, hinge in the left side, the handle in the right side), with observation windows, lighting, window / door anti-condensation electric device

Control panel

The controller display screen, U disk interface, RS232 computer communication interface, misuse hardware lock, power switches, emergency stop switches, status indicator light and audible warning device

Machine room


Refrigeration unit, water pan, drain hole

Condenser fan, condenser inlet

Control cabinet for power distribution

IO board, machine transformers, ballasts, intermediate relays, time relays, solid state relays, AC contactors, thermal relays, fuses, owe anti-phase relays, air switch


1. Nichrome strip heater

2. Heater control way: non-contact and periodic pulse-width-modulated, SSR (solid state relay)

3. Heater power: 2.5KW

Cord hole and drainage hole

At the back of the box

Refrigeration system

Working mode

0℃~-40℃ Model adopts single-stage compression,-40℃~-70℃ Adopt binary cascade refrigeration way

Refrigeration compressor

Fully enclosed low noise rotary compressor


Outside fins internal thread tubular heat exchanger (Also used as dehumidifier)


Air-cooled: Outside fins internal thread tubular heat exchanger

Throttling device

Expansion valve + capillary

Plate heat exchanger

(Using cascade refrigeration system)

Stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger

Refrigerator control mode

1. Control system automatically adjusts the best energy-saving refrigerator running condition according to the test condition

2. Evaporator cooling capacity is switched by the control system drive the solenoid valve

3. The compressor’s return air cooling circuit


R404a/R23(Ozone depletion indices are 0, R23 adopted by the cascade refrigeration system)

Electrical control system

Controller Model



TEMI880:5.7 inch,640×480 dot matrix,TFT color LCD displayer

Operation mode

Program mode, setting mode

Setting mode

TEMI880 Chinese & English menu (Freely selectable), touch screen input

Program capacity


1.Procedure: Maximum 100 groups

2. Number of segments: Maximum 10000 segments

3. Number of cycles: Maximum can be infinite loop

Setting range

Temperature: According to the temperature operating range of the device to adjust


Temperature: 0.1 ℃; Time: 1min; Humidity: 0.1% RH (temperature and humidity test equipment)


PT100 Platinum thermal resistance

Communication features

U disk interface, RS-232 interfaces, misuse hardware lock, complimentary computer communications software

Control mode

1. Anti-integration saturation PID

2.BTC balanced temperature control mode + DCC intelligent cooling control + DEC intelligent electrical control (temperature test equipment)

3. BTHC balanced temperature and humidity control + DCC intelligent cooling control + DEC intelligent electrical control (temperature and humidity test equipment)

Curve recording function

With battery protection RAM, setting and sample value and sampling time can be saved, the maximum recording time is 180 days (when the sampling period is 60S)

Ancillary functions

1. Hint functions of fault alarm and causes, treatment

2. Power-off protection function

3. Upper and lower limit temperature protection

4. Calendar timing function (automatic start and automatic stop running)

5. Self-diagnosis function

Software using environment


IBM PC compatible machine,more than PⅡCPU,more than 128M memory,with RS-232 communication interface

Temperature and humidity measurement

Temperature: PT100 platinum thermal resistance

Humidity: dry and wet bulb thermometer method (damp-heat type only)

Environmental conditions


2. Relative humidity:≤85%

3. Air pressure:86kPa~106kPa

Maximum current      Maximum power



(The test data obtained at ambient temperature + 25 ℃, after one hour no sample, stable operating conditions)


Ingress Protection Test EquipmentIngress Protection Test Equipment

Ingress Protection Test EquipmentIngress Protection Test Equipment

Ingress Protection Test EquipmentIngress Protection Test Equipment