Household Appliance Materials Hot Wire Ignition Independent Exhaust Tester With Electrical Control

Household Appliance Materials Hot Wire Ignition Independent Exhaust Tester With Electrical Control

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Household Appliance Materials Hot Wire Ignition Independent Exhaust Tester With Electrical Control


Products Introduction

The hot wire ignition tester is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the "Glow Wire Ignition Test Method" in relevant standards. It is suitable for the ignition risk test of electrical and electronic products and household appliances, and simulates heat sources such as hot components or overload resistors. The thermal stress caused by the ignition source in a short period of time is applicable to the quality inspection departments and related enterprises at all levels for fire resistance test.

The instrument adopts stainless steel structure, digital instrument display, convenient operation and stable performance. After the sample reaches the preset hot time, the equipment automatically stops working, the power automatic protection device and the output power upper limit automatic protection function.

The winder designed according to the IEC60695-2-20 standard can accurately circumvent the shape of the heating wire required by the standard, and the operation is very simple.



Working voltage220V/50Hz
Control operation modeElectrical control, button operation
Heating coilф0.5mm,Ni80/Cr20,length:250mm±5mm ,cold resistance 5.28Ω/m
Anneal holder distance250mm
Specimen holder distance and height70mm,height:60mm (the distance between the holder surface to the tray surface)
Wire wrapping tension and its distance5.4N±0.05N, 6.35mm±0. 5mm (within 31.5mm±0.5mm,coil 5 cycle,national standard is 6mm)
Annealing time and power8s~12s(1s~999.9s digital display can be preset),0.26W/mm±4%(digital display is adjustable)
Testing time and power120s(1s~999.9s digital display can be preset),0.26W/mm±4%( digital display is adjustable)
Specimen sizeL×W×H:(125 ± 5mm) ×(13.0 ± 0.5mm) ×(0.75+0.075 0mm,1.5+0.15 0mm,3+0.3 0mm)[national standard is 0.75± 0.1 mm,1.5± 0.1 mm,3± 0.2 mm]
Test procedureAutomatic control, independent exhaust
LightingEquip with lighting in the test chamber, with control
Test chamber and dimension>0.5³,black matte background,with exhaust fan,dimension:1100*550*1200mm,130kg

Operating Steps

1. Preheating of the equipment: When the power is turned on, the heating power meter will display the positive and negative power parameters. The reason is that the internal power transmitter is preheating. After 15 minutes, the system will stabilize and the power meter will display Test work can only be performed with zero or minimum values.

2. Heating wire pretreatment:

a) Set the heating wire pretreatment time and select “Warm-up”.

b) Take the appropriate length of heating wire and install it in the preheating position of the fixture.

NOTE: The length is around 400mm for easy winding.

3. Install the heating wire on the sample

Intall the pretreated and cooled heating wire on the sample by the wider.

4.Normal test :

Install the sample wrapped around the heating wire on the fixture.

Set the test time, select “Test TEST”, press the “Start” button to adjust to the required test power.When the set time is reached or the output power is too large, the instrument will stop automatically.

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