Household Electrical Appliance Tester Abrasion Strength Resistance Testing Machine

Household Electrical Appliance Tester Abrasion Strength Resistance Testing Machine

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Abrasion Strength Resistance Test Machine HJ0604




This device is used to process scratch test for the solid insulation boards and accessible parts of house appliances and similar products, to ensure that accessible parts of solid insulation shall have sufficient strength to prevent penetration by sharp implements.

Confirm to Clause 21.2 of IEC 60335-1 Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety – Part 1: General requirements, IEC 60950 clause, and etc.


Technical parameters:

Test objectHousehold appliances, printed circuit board
Reference standardIEC 60335-1
TestAbrasion Strength Resistance Test
Power supply220V AC 50HZ
ControlPLC control, 7-inch color touch-screen operation, stepper motor driver
Scratch Pin Rounded with a radius of 0,25 mm ± 0,02 mm
The end of Scratch PinForm of a cone with an angle of 40°
Scratching Speed20±5mm/s, can be preset
Scratching Force10N±0.5N
Scratches Distance0-50mm, can be preset
Scratching Angle80-85°, fixed by fixture
Test Sample TrayCan be rotated 90 °, multiple mounting holes for the installation of different samples
Optional30N±0.5N Load Device


Test sample: Household appliances, printed circuit board.



The surface of the insulation is scratched by means of a hardened steel pin, the end of which has the form of a cone with an angle of 40°. Its tip is rounded with a radius of 0,25 mm ± 0,02 mm. Scratching through five pairs of conductive parts, including its interval, an interval should be subjected to the largest part of the potential gradient during the test. And the pin is held at an angle of 80°~ 85° to the horizontal and loaded so that the force exerted along its axis is 10 N ± 0,5 N. The scratches are made by drawing the pin along the surface of the insulation at a speed of approximately 20mm/s±5mm/s. Two parallel scratches are made. They are spaced sufficiently apart so that they are not affected by each other, their length covering approximately 25 % of the length of the insulation. Two similar scratches are made at 90° to the first pair without crossing them.

The scratches shall be at least 5 mm apart and at least 5 mm from the edge of the specimen.

The device adopts PLC + touch screen control system, stepping motor drive, the scratch distance, scratch times and speeds can be preset, the test pin can rotate 90 ° angle automatically, scratch test in both vertical and horizontal directions can be easily realized.

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