High Precision Audio Video Test Equipment / Digital Push And Pull Force Gauge

High Precision Audio Video Test Equipment / Digital Push And Pull Force Gauge

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IEC 60065:2014 clause 8.12 Digital Push and Pull Force Gauge




Product information:


This device is designed and manufactured according to the standard of IEC 60065:2014 clause 8.12, 8.13, 8.14 and etc., IEC60950.




1. High precision and high resolution;

2. Five test modes, three display modes to choose from - to maximize test efficiency;

3. kg (kg), lb (list), N (Newton) three measurement units are available for selection and mutual conversion;

4. Gravity acceleration value setting function---The user can input the exact value of gravity acceleration of the place of use. Make testing and unit conversion more accurate;

5. Peak hold function, keep the peak display until manually cleared;

6. Automatic peak function, keep the display peak automatically after 2 seconds;

7. The upper and lower limits and the comparison value can be set for statistical analysis, and the buzzer alarm when the comparison value is exceeded;

8. Data storage function, can store 128 test values;

9. Data output function, the data can be input into the computer through the data line to do various analysis;

10. Green and environmental protection, 10 minutes, no operation, automatic shutdown;

11. High-quality charging power supply, charging voltage from 100V to 240V available, can adapt to most areas. There are also short circuit, leakage, overload protection functions;

12. 2 sets of installation dimensions, adapt to most test machines, convenient for users to install on the machine;

13. The unique switch contact on-off force test function makes the switch on-off force test more accurate;

14. 6-bit large screen display;

15. Use nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery.


Technical Parameters: