High Performance Vacuum Cleaner Test System European Standard IEC 60312

High Performance Vacuum Cleaner Test System European Standard IEC 60312

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Vacuum Cleaner Test System To Test Vacuum Cleaner Performance European Standard According To Standard IEC 60312 HJ0641



Standard :IEC60312 clause2.1.5 fig1,clause 2.1.2 fig2,clause 2.1.3 fig4,clause 5.2.2 fig5,clause 5.2.3 fig6,clause 5.2.4 fig7a,7b,7c,7d .


Application: It is used for the manufacturers and testing organizations to test the vacuum cleaner.Test parameters: the voltage of vacuum cleaner ,the current ,input power , power factor, suction power, flow rate, vacuum and efficiency


Test sample: Vacuum cleaner



1.According to European standard requirements, European standard A test method for throttle valve, control valve opening size, a total of 15 points

2,Inflatable chamber (uniform pressure box): European standard size and material according to standard IEC 60312 in the (A) design

3,Test tube: in Europe standard, the test pipe is formed by throttling valve and steel pipe, and the measuring accuracy is + 2%

4,Voltage AC(10V~300V),Accuracy:0.5%

Current AC(0.01A~20A),Accuracy:0.5%

Flowmeter(0.5~5) CBM/min Accuracy:±1%

Vacuum pressure gauge: (0~-50)Kpa ,Accuracy:±1%

5,Temperature compensation and correction: The European standard is modified according to standard air density in accordance with of IEC 60312.


Basic test process:

1.Conforms to the requirements of IEC 60312 clause 2.8)

2.Place the vacuum cleaner on the test bench and transfer the test voltage to + 1% rated voltage and + 1Hz rated frequency. First, run 10 minutes to establish a temperature reference value for the release gas for measurements at each point below. For each measuring point, measure after 1 minutes after throttling, and then vacuum cleaner opens again to achieve reference conditions. You can check the temperature of the gas released by the vacuum cleaner


Configuration list:


Test bench2Standard profile structure
Normal inflatable room1Conforms to IEC60312 460mm*250mm*460mm stainless steel 5mm thickness
Comprehensive performance tester1Test accuracy 0.5
Vortex Flowmeter1Range: (0.5~5) CBM/min accuracy : ±1% With temperature and pressure compensation
Pressure transmitter1Range: 0— - 50Kpa accuracy: ±0.5% With temperature and pressure compensation
Electric valve control system1Step control 15 point data sampling, use unequal algorithm
Test control cabinet1Electric integrated control circuit, manual test adjustment button
Air switch, cable1With over-current protection, stop button
Vacuum cleaner made of the whole machine1Conversion aperture 32mm, 35mm, motor diameter to be provided
testing software1Corrected IEC60312 by European standard
System PC1DELL 660, dual core CPU, 2G memory, 500G hard disk



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