Hi - Pot Voltage Withstand Tester Measuring Voltage Withstand Strength

Hi - Pot Voltage Withstand Tester Measuring Voltage Withstand Strength

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IEC60065:2014 clause 8.2Hi-pot (Voltage Withstand) Tester 


IEC60065:2014 clause 8.21 Hi-pot (Voltage Withstand) Tester Measuring The Voltage Withstand Strength



Confirm to IEC60065:2014 clause 8.21, IEC60950, IEC60335, IEC60598-1.



RK2674 series withstand voltage tester is an instrument for measuring the voltage withstand strength. It can intuitive, accurate and fast to test the breakdown voltage of the sample to be tested, and leakage current and other electrical safety performance index, and can be used as a high voltage source to test the performance of components and the whole machine. The test is required a constant temperature water tank for testing.


Test sample:

Components: diodes, triodes, high voltage silicon reactors, various electronic transformers, connectors, high voltage electrical appliances

Household appliances: TV sets, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, dehumidifiers, electric blankets, chargers, etc.

Insulation material: heat shrinkable sleeve, capacitor film, high voltage bushing, insulating paper, insulated shoes, insulating rubber gloves, PCB circuit board, etc.

Instrumentation: oscilloscope, signal generator, DC power supply, switching power supply, etc.

Lighting appliances: ballasts, road lights, stage lights, portable lights, etc.

Electric heating appliances: electric drill, pistol drill, gas cutting machine, grinding machine, grinding machine, electric welding machine, etc.

Wire and cable: high voltage wire, cable, silicone rubber cable, etc.



1. The output voltage is regulated by the voltage regulator, which has high reliability and high durability

2. Using high-brightness LED digital tube to display test time, voltage, current, real-time display of breakdown current value and voltage value

3. The alarm current value can be continuously preset

4. The test time is displayed by three digital tubes

5. Equipped with the signal input and output interface required by PLC, can easily form a comprehensive test system with PLC



Output Voltage (kV)AC0~200~50
Output Current (mA)AC0~2/200~2/20/40
Test accuracy±5%
Test time(0.0~999)s 0.0=continuous test1-99s ±1%
Transformer capacity400VA2000VA
Interface of PLCoptionalNo
Power supplyAC:220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz
Working environmentTemperature:(0-40)℃ Humidity≦75%RH
Exterior styleDesktop typeSeparate type
Exterior dimension450×515×230



Weight35kg(1)11.5kg (2)65kg
AccessoryHigh voltage test line, ground wire, power lineHigh voltage test line, ground wire, power line, high voltage discharge stick, connecting line