Glow Wire Flammability Testing Equipment With Electrical Control And Button Operation

Glow Wire Flammability Testing Equipment With Electrical Control And Button Operation

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The New Glow Wire Tester Of IEC60695 With Electrical Control And Button Operation


Product information

This device is manufactured according to the standard of IEC60695-2-10, IEC60695-2-13. It also conforms to the standard requirement of UL746A. This device simulates the thermal stress caused by the heat source or ignition source such as the glowing elements or overload power within the short period of time, applicable to the fire hazard test for the electric and electronic products, household appliances and the materials, and also used for the no-flame ignition source fire test in order to measure the ignition temperature, flammability and heat-resistance index of the glow wire made of the relevant materials.


The test equipment adopts to solenoid valve switch to control the burning depth of test specimen and equipped with measuring gauge. The test specimen will withdraw automatically from glowing filament after reaching the set time. Also adopting the original imported UK LAB K type armour (Ф1mm) whose temperature resistance is up to 1100° (exceed 1050°of standard requirement), this device is with accuracy temperature control.


Technical Parameters

Glowing filamentФ4mm ± 0.04mm Ni/Cr(77/20) special standard ring shape,horizontal standing
Thermocouple1mm import K thermocouple,the temperature resistance of armour is 1100 ℃ ( better than the standard of 1050 ℃ )
Ohmic heating temperature of glowing filament500 ℃ ~ 960 ℃ ( digital display can be preset ) ,temperature fluctuation < 3 ℃
Specimen pressure on glowing filament0.95N±0.1N( adjustable )
Maximum depth of heating7mm ± 0.5mm
Specimen movement speed10mm /s ~ 25mm /s
Testing time30s±0.1s(1s ~ 999.9s digital display preset )
Thickness of ignite bedding boardthickness10mm ,white pine board cover 12g /m 2 ~ 30g /m² standard silk paper
Volume of test site≥ 0.5m 3 black background ,background illuminance ≤ 20Lx
Dimension and weight

W: 1105mm × D: 580mm × H: 1300mm

Gas vent:100mm ,140kg

Power1kVA 220V±10% /50Hz


Test principle

The glowing filament whose material and shape is required(Ni80/Cr20)is heated to the testing temperature of 550 ℃ ~ 960 ℃ for 1 min by using the glow wire tester with large current. Then using required pressure (1.0N) vertically burns the test specimen for 30s. By observing whether the test specimen and bedding object is ignited and the burning time, the users can judge the ignition danger of electric and electronic products. It is used for the ignition test, ignition temperature (GWIT) test, flammability test and flammability index (GWFI) test of solid insulating material and other solid combustible material.


Common Faults And Treatment

FaultCauseTreatment procedures

Inaccurate temperature when

calibrating temperature

1. Bad thermocouple;

2. Height of flame cannot meet the requirement of standard;

3. The second measurement is carried out before the copper block is cooled to the temperature below 50℃.

1. Replace the thermocouple.

2. Adjusting the inner and outer flame.

3. Carry out the test according to the instructions to the test and read the relevant standards.


Thermometer displays normal temperature but no normal rise of temperature



1. Damaged thermocouple;

2. Type of thermocouple not confirming to the type sensor set in the thermometer;

3. Operation range of thermocouple is not set up.


1. Replace the thermocouple.

2. Set the type of the temperature in the thermometer to the type of such thermocouple so as to return to the normal state.

3. Reset the parameters of the thermostat.

Fixture cannot stop automatically without the brake


  1. Damaged sense switch fails to sense.

2. Damaged limit switch.

1. Replace the sense switch.

2. Replace the limit switch.


Flammability Testing Equipment

Flammability Testing Equipment

Flammability Testing Equipment