GB2951 / GB5013 Cable Testing Equipment Microcomputer Tensile Strength Testing Machine

GB2951 / GB5013 Cable Testing Equipment Microcomputer Tensile Strength Testing Machine

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GB2951 / GB5013 Cable Testing Equipment Microcomputer Tensile Strength Testing Machine



Product information:

This tensile tester mainframe is high strength single arm structure, adopts AC frequency conversion motor and frequency conversion system as the driving device, arc synchronous belt (wheel) reduction system. Motor drives precision ball screw though reduction system. Test speed can be controlled by the motor speed control system installed in the mainframe

The electrical part includes speed control system and display measurement system. This tester adopts AC servo stepper motor and digital speed control system, speed control system controls rotate, reverse and speed accuracy of motor. Measurement system is made up with two parts: the load (force) measuring system and the displacement measuring system. The measurement results can be displayed on the LCD screen.

Whole machine spray treated. The test device has beautiful appearance, highly reliable functions and wide range of application, it is the necessary testing equipment for small household electrical appliance enterprises and laboratories.


Technical parameters:

Item No.Item NameParameters
1Max. Test force500KG
2Test force range0~500KG
3Test force accuracy±1%
4Force resolution0.1N
5Transom travel rate0~500mm/min
6Transom Max. Travel displacement1000mm
7Displacement resolution0.001mm
8Power supply120V 60Hz
10WeightApproximate 200kg


Work environment:

Temperature 10-35℃,humidity less than 85%;

Correct installation on solid base or work platform;

No vibration and no corrosive media around;

Power supply voltage fluctuation should not exceed 10% of rated voltage;

Power supply frequency fluctuation should not exceed 2% of rated frequency;

Power supply should be reliable grounded.



1.Lead screw bearings generally replace grease every 3~5 years.
2.Add grease to lead screw and nut every 6 months.
3.Please keep the tester cleaning.
4.Please do not thrust the machine components, in order to avoid position offsetting.
5.Please keep away from liquid, in order to avoid electrical circuit short.
6.Please read this user manual before operation.

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