Flexible Cable Plug Socket Tester

Flexible Cable Plug Socket Tester

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Flexible Cable Cord Retention Force Test Apparatus IEC60884 Figure 20 , VDE0620



Product details:


KingPo has customzied a 6 workstations flexible cable cord retention test apparatus, it well meets our customer's special testing requirements.


The cord retention test apparatus is designed and manufactured according to the standard requirement of IEC60884 figure 20. It is used to test cord retention and check the effectiveness of the retention of the cable and cord anchorage.



Technical parameters:


Power Supply220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz
Test times1~9999, adjustable. 100 is by default.
Test rate60 times/min
Weight10N*1, 60N*1, 20N*2
StandardIEC60884Figure 20, VDE0620 

Test method:
The cord anchorage is used in the normal way, clamping screws, if any, being tightened with a torque equal to two-thirds of that specified in standard. After reassembly of the specimen, the component parts shall fit snugly and it shall not be possible to push the flexible cable into the specimen to any appreciable extent. The specimen is placed in the test apparatus so that the axis of the flexible cable is vertical where it enters the specimen.


The according tensile force of the flexible cable:


The rated current of the flexible cable(A)

The rated voltage of the flexible cable(V)

The tensile force