Flammable Refrigerants Gas Pressure Test Bench For Compression - type Appliances

Flammable Refrigerants Gas Pressure Test Bench For Compression - type Appliances

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IEC 60335-2-24 clause 22.7 Gas Pressure Test Bench For Compression-type Appliances Using Flammable Refrigerants

Standard: IEC 60335-2-24 clause 22.7.


This computer control air seal pressure test device, can complete the low and high pressure testing. Computer smart system detect and acquisition high pressure and low pressure value respectly, and can control the pressure on low pressure end and high pressure end respectly.

  1. Core booster equipment adopt smart pressure control system, can adjust and control output pressure freely.

  2. Advanced technology, reasonable structure design, with small size, light weight, beautiful appearance features.

  3. All pressure parts using international brand standard parts, no welding connection, easy disassembly, high security, long lifespan, easy maintenance.

  4. The device is driven by compressed air, use of high-quality high-pressure pump, the low pressure and high pressure detecting can be completed at the same time.

  5. Equipped with low pressure compressor and B10 high pressure booster pump, can realize the whole pressure range test and control.

  6. Test pressure range 0~3Mpa, select required pressure according to actual test requirement.

  7. Computer system can set and control test pressure, real time displaying pressure curve. Can print test report when test completed.

  8. When test pressure reached, automatic stop pressurization and entering pressure maintaining and start timing device.

  9. Smart pressure control system, can complete the real-time pressure acquisition, and data analysis and recording.

  10. Pressure maintaining period, test system automatic timing, alarm when maintaining period complete.

  11. Test procedure programmable, reach test pressure automatic stop pressurization.

  12. When test completed, can print CN-EN test report, same test data in excel form.

PrincipleAccording to the different pressure of test sample, smart test system complete the running, air detection and related pressure detection work.
IntroductionTest pressure0~3Mpa, adjustable
Control accuracyUpper limit: +3%; Lower limited: -1%
Test mediumCompressed air
Pressure controlSystem control or manual control
OperationSystem control or manual control
Sample qty1 channel, control test pressure and test time
Sample installationConnection
CompositionCirculating system, pressure control system, workpiece mounting device, manual control device
ApplicationPressure detection, sealing test


Test mediumCompressed air
Test pressure0~3Mpa
Pressurize flow86L/min
Driving pressure0.3~0.8Mpa
Driving flow0.3~1CBM/min
Time displayComputer display
Pressure curve displayData acquisition software real time display, can zoom in and out
Report printTest report can be printed and test data can be saved
Test data storageCan save reports and excel form, the data collected each time can be saved
Display accuracy0.1Mpa
Control accuracy0.5%

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