Endurance Switch Tester

Endurance Switch Tester

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Automotive Car Switches Endurance Durability Test Equipment 



Product information


The test apparatus is designed and manufactured according to IEC60884-1, IEC61058-1,

IEC60669-1standards and etc. It is applicable for switches (≤50A) breaking capacity and normal operation life test of household and similar fixed electrical installation electrical device. The purpose is assessing whether the switch is able to withstand the normal use of mechanical damage and electrical fatigue damage, and whether the contact points has adhesion phenomenon, long-term closed or disconnected phenomena, to examine whether the test samples excessive worn and have other harmful consequences. It is special test equipment for automotive switches electrical endurance test.


Technical parameters


Parameters Name

Parameter Data


AC110V, 60Hz or 220V, 60Hz

Work station

5 work stations, three linear stations, three rotary station

Operation interface

7 inch color LCD touch screen

Drive mode

Servo motor

Control system

PLC, brand : Mitsubishi

Test times

0~999999 times, can be preset

Conduction time

0~999.9s, can be preset

Break time

0~999.9s, can be preset

Test  angle

0-360°,  can be preset

Test stroke

Rotary switch : 1~359°, adjustable

Toggle switches: 0~100mm, adjustable

Button switch:0~150mm, adjustable

Test speed

Rotary switch : 1~359°/s, adjustable

Toggle switches: 0~100mm/s, adjustable

Button switch:0~150mm/s, adjustable

Test environment

Atmospheric pressure 80 ~ 106kpa;

Ambient temperature 5 ~ 40℃; Relative humidity (20 ~ 90)%RH; 

Use place: no violent shaking, no vibration, 

no electromagnetic interference, no dust, 

noexplosive or corrosive gas, good heat dissipation






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