Electric Cordless Kettle For Dry Burning And Boiling Water Test Machine

Electric Cordless Kettle For Dry Burning And Boiling Water Test Machine

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Electric Cordless Kettle For Dry Burning And Boiling Water Test Machine




Product details:


Equipment Name

Electric Water Kettle Test Bench for Dry Burning And Boiling Water

Main Application

It applies to the integration testing of dry burning and boiling water test of the electric cordless kettle for the production line of various conventional

Applicable Object

The conventional cordless electric kettle (negotiable per special specification)

Working Station

12 working stations or 16 working stations

Counting Method

Touch screen display and count

Specific technical parameters

Basic Function

Display the test time, voltage, current and working status (qualified light, alarm light) of the products, and the test time is 1~ 99.9 (S) can be set.

Action process: the kettles to be tested are placed on the working platform——Start power supply——Automatic drying test(Start timing and current display)——Drying test completed(Work status display (qualified light, alarm light)——Test mode of automatic add water / automatic transfer boiling water(Automatic switching voltage)——Manual start kettle button——Automatic boiling water test(Start timing and current display)——Boiling water testing completed(Work status display: (qualified light, alarm light)——pour water by manual.(cycling use of water)

Electronic control system

PLC and touch screen control system, reliable operation of the system and is easy to operate and maintain.

Touch screen man-machine interface, the operation software menu design is simple, easy to operate; every parameter setting and the display information on each working station are completed on the touch screen; the software uses double password, to avoid unspecified operator control the equipment.

The voltage and current of the product can be displayed on the operation panel.

Self designed life testing board, monitoring product’s working status, it will alarm in time when abnormal and fault.

Alarm function

This equipment has the function of fault alarm, alarm when it reaches to the setting times.

Safety protection

Equipment with safety devices of the leakage protection, under voltage protection etc.

Efficiency / beat

It is in connection with the actual working time of the product, each control action time can be set

Main configuration

The table adopts stainless steel plate, polish on the surface; the main part of water contact using 304 stainless steel or aluminum alloy. Use water pump to add water

Power supply voltage

Control power supply: AC220V/50Hz


Main exterior color is light gray, if you need special color then need to special customized

Equipment power

Control system is not higher than 2Kw, the product extra