EN625 EN483 Electrical Appliance Tester , Gas-fired Heating Water Heater Integrated Test System

EN625 EN483 Electrical Appliance Tester , Gas-fired Heating Water Heater Integrated Test System

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EN625 EN483 Gas-fired Heating Water Heater ( Boiler ) Integrated Test System


Instrument Description:


Gas heating water heater (boiler) integrated test system is developed and designed with reference to EN625-1996, EN483-1999, GB25034-2010, CJ/T228-2006, GB6392 and other technical requirements. It’s applicable for testing the performance of the gas heating water heater (boiler).


This system adopts high-quality sensors, flow transmitters and other high-tech accessories which famous around domestic and foreign and with stable and reliable performance, to achieve water heater installation and burning, simultaneously recording the inlet and outlet water temperature, water pressure, gas pressure, water flow and gas flow and other parameters during the burning process. And processing tests with according to testing purposes including water heater performance and heat load, energy efficiency indicators and output rate of hot water test in a number of tests. It can automatically control the inlet and outlet of water and on-off valve of gas, to achieve full automatic control, it is the necessary test system for the gas appliance manufacturers.


Performance and Advantages:


1. With imported sensors for collection, which achieves to high accuracy, stable performance and long life.

2. Design and produce the tester according to the technical requirements of the European and national standard, and achieve the transmission and transformation between test system and information collected and processed by computer; process operation by friendly human-machine interface and with computer control as the core; a variety of formulas integrated in the computer for automatic control, with the original records storage, easy to query and automatically form a test report form, and can effectively improve the test efficiency.

3. The water systems and gas systems of the testing system adopt imported and well-known sensors and solenoid valves, angle seat valve components for controlling, which achieves the quick reaction speed, high stability and other advantages.


Structural Characteristics:


The whole structure is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel material, all pipe is made of SUS304 stainless steel, the structure of the frame of the structure is made of aluminum alloy. The core components are used well-known brands "Air TAC" or imported components to control, accurate accuracy, stable performance, useful life is twice as much as the ordinary tester, It is the necessary testing equipment in the water heater industry.


Technical Parameters:


1. Inlet And Outlet Water Temperature Display: Range; 0 ~ 60 ℃, 0 ~ 120 ℃, Accuracy: ±0.1% / 0.1℃

2. Gas Pressure Display: Range: Primary Pressure: 0 ~ 5000 Pa; Secondary Pressure: 0 ~ 5000 Pa, Accuracy / Minimum Scale: ± 0.5% / 1pa.

3. Bathroom Water Flow: 0 ~ 20L / Min, Precision / Minimum Scale: ± 1% / 0.001L / Min

4. Heating Water Flow: 0 ~ 30L / Min, Accuracy / Minimum Scale: ± 1% / 0.001L / Min

5. Gas Flow: 0.04-6 m³ / H, Accuracy / Minimum Scale: ± 1% / 1Pa

6. Inlet Water Pressure: High Pressure: 0.0 ~ 1.6mpa, Low Pressure ~ 1.6mpa, Accuracy: Grade 0.5

7. Heating System Pressure: 0.0 ~ 1mpa, Accuracy: Grade 0.5

8. Gas Temperature: 0 ~ 50 ℃ Accuracy: Grade 0.5

9. All the test data can be automatic saved, automatically generate report, easy to query, report format can be designed flexibly.


Inlet And Outlet Water Temperature DisplayRange; 0 ~ 60 ℃, 0 ~ 120 ℃, Accuracy: ±0.1% / 0.1℃
Gas Pressure DisplayRange: Primary Pressure: 0 ~ 5000 Pa; Secondary Pressure: 0 ~ 5000 Pa, Accuracy / Minimum Scale: ± 0.5% / 1pa.
Bathroom Water Flow0 ~ 20L / Min, Precision / Minimum Scale: ± 1% / 0.001L / Min
Heating Water Flow0 ~ 30L / Min, Accuracy / Minimum Scale: ± 1% / 0.001L / Min
Inlet Water PressureHigh Pressure: 0.0 ~ 1.6mpa, Low Pressure ~ 1.6mpa, Accuracy: Grade 0.5
Heating System Pressure0.0 ~ 1mpa, Accuracy: Grade 0.5


Test items:


1) Heating performance test


1. Water temperature control deviation test

2. The minimum starting temperature test: the minimum action water test, can be achieved to normal ignition when the water flow at 2.5 ± 0.5L / min, and normal flameout when the water flow exceed 2.0L / min

3. Heating thermal efficiency test:

4. Heating thermal output accuracy test

5. Gas primary pressure and secondary pressure test

6. Gas flow and gas temperature test

7. Water system pressure resistance test

8. Water flow test

9. Mutual leakage Test for the heating waterway and the sanitary waterway


2) Hot water performance test


1. Thermal efficiency test: calculation function of heating water heater thermal parameters, calculate thermal efficiency, load and other parameters according to the present parameters;

2. Thermal load accuracy test

3. Hot water temperature rise test

4. Water temperature rise test

5. Heating time test: heating time can be set

6. Hot water temperature stabilization time test

7. Water temperature overshoot range test, adopts T-type thermocouple to ensure high response speed.

8. Display the accuracy test

9. Bathroom water inlet temperature test

10. bathroom water outlet temperature test: the use of imported Sweden INOR thermal resistance to ensure high-precision collection of water heater water temperature of the heater.

11. Highest point hot water temperature test

12. Gas flow test:

13. Gas temperature test

14. Gas pressure test: gas pressure 1500` ~ 3500 adjustable

15. Water pressure resistance test: bathroom channel, pass the pressure of 0.5 ~ 2.0MPa in the channel, it does not occur leak in a specific period. The pressure is automatically adjusted by the pressure regulating structure

16. Bathroom circuit pressure test function, can automatically adjust the value of the pressure, the range of 0.5 ~ 2.0MPa

18. Water flow test: water flow of the test stand can be adjusted according to product requirements during testing process.

19. Minimum start water flow and minimum start pressure test

20. Sample information management system to facilitate the basic information management query, modify and delete of various products.

21. Electrical parameters test: can display the working voltage, current, and power, and can be connected to the computer and save to the data report;

22.Equipped with operating voltage: 0 to 250V adjustable, power 500W

23. Test stand has power cut memory function

24. All test data automatically generate test reports, connect the printer to print the report, the historical data can query (can provide standard program report, can also modify the report according to customer requirements);

25. The test system parameters can be docked with the MES system, temperature, pressure, flow and other parameters can be uploaded to the host computer

26. comes with heating circuit regulator function, heating circuit filling function; cooling water circuit water pressure buffer function, to avoid water hammer phenomenon;

27. Function of quickly connect the wet flowmeter

28. Set the industrial universal power outlet, and install the leakage protector.

29. Gas class 2 pressure regulator to ensure that the pressure stability of the inlet of pressure;

30. A set of water plate installed on the hanger; hanging frame has four hooks, easy to hook in different locations of the use of water heaters, hook position can be adjusted freely;

31. High-temperature water inlet test: water temperature greater than or equal to the set temperature into the gas water heater, observe the situation of water heaters;

32. Bathroom bath Increase the hot water function on bathroom circuit, which made of a 50L water storage type constant temperature water tank, can interchange with cold water source automatically.