Durable Digital Torque Meter High Sensitive Torque Tester Easy To Operate

Durable Digital Torque Meter High Sensitive Torque Tester Easy To Operate

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Durable Digital Torque Meter High Sensitive Torque Tester Easy To Operate



Product information:


This torque tester is designed and manufactured for a variety of torque an intelligent measurement tester. Mainly used for measuring and testing a variety of electric screwdriver, pneumatic size screwdriver, torque screwdriver and torque wrench torque; correcting electric screwdriver, pneumatic screwdrivers, torque screwdrivers and torque wrenches, torque cap torque to conform need; you can also measure the torque of other tools, such as: a variety of fixtures. The torque meter simple operation, high accuracy, full-featured, easy to carry, suitable for a variety of industrial products and service enterprises.


Technical parameters:


1. Torque orientation.
2. Automatic alarm settings.
3 .Can be stored and printed 10 test data.
4 .Autamatic calculation of the average of the data stored.
5. Can easily switch between Kgf.Cm, Lbf.in, Nm.
6. With peak hold function.
7. Shows exactly lithium battery.
8. 1-60 minutes adjustable-free operation of automatic shutdown of the power design.
9. Green high-capacity lithium battery (1800 mA.h), safety automatic charge control.
10. A touch of button, durable, reliable, easy to operate.
11.Can be connected to the computer and displayed in real time the force value curve.



Measuring range

Kgf.cm N.m














Accuracy2 Level
Sampling rate1000HZ
Power supplyHigh-capacity lithium battery:7.4V
Charging time≥8 hours
Full power continuous use50 hours
Battery life≥500 times
Size1 2mm x 230rnm x 651mm
Weight2 kg
Battery chargerInput:AC 230V±10V, 50HZ. Output:LDC 15V 250mA



1. Do not overload torque test, be sure to test the range of the torque tester
test torque, otherwise, would permanently damage the sensor torque tester, a serious danger.
2 Do not knock or place objects on the LCD screen, to prevent damage to the LCD screen.
3. Do not use nails, sharp or pointed objects pressing the function key; but can not loosen the screws torque test head.
4. Do not use a torque tester in water, oil or other liquids spilled place to be the torque tester stored in a cool, dry place and no vibration, in order to ensure the stability and accuracy of the test data.
5. Do not open the device, easily adjust non-electrical components inside the device.
6. The device is a precision calibration equipment should be in use and handling gently.


☆Storage and average calculation:
1.【Turn on the power】->into the【PEAK】mode->press【MEMORY】key to enter the storage mode -> start the test (writhing test head and then press the zero key on the left display repeated several times to observe 1-10 store to properly store the data, if the data is stored to the correct number after there will be "√" appears when the store several sets of data after press 【MEMORY】key to exit the storage mode and automatically calculate the average of press again to get the required data after 【MEMORY】 key when there is an arrow in front of store numbers can press 【CLR】Clear.


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