Completed Flexible Cable Testing Equipment with 0.1 m / S Test speed

Completed Flexible Cable Testing Equipment with 0.1 m / S Test speed

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Completed Flexible Cables Three Pulley Flexing Test Machine For IEC60245-2 Figure 6




Standard:IEC60245-2 clause 3.5 Figure6, Rubber insulated cables-Rated voltages up to and including 450/750 V-Part 2: Test methods.


Application:It is used for checking mechanical strength of completed flexible cables.


Test sample:Completed flexible cables.


Feature:During the test with 1000 cycles, i.e. 2000 single movements, neither interruption of the current, nor short-circuit between the conductors, nor short circuit between the cable and the pulleys (the flexing apparatus) shall occur.


After the required number of cycles the sheath of the cable shall be removed. The cores shall then withstand the voltage test carried out in accordance with 2.3, at a voltage specified in IEC 60245-8.



Power supplyAC220V,50Hz
Load current0-25A
Load voltage0-400V
Test speed0.1m/S
Test stroke1000±20mm
Number of test times1000 times (Reciprocating 2000 times)
Suitable wire diameter0.75-1.5 mm²
Pulley diameter40,45,50mm (Standard equipped)
Weight21,28,42N (Standard equipped)
Fault testingCurrent interruption, short circuit between conductors, test and short circuit between the pulley



Test method:

The test shall be carried out in accordance with 3.1 except for the following modifications to the apparatus described hereafter.


a) Carrier

The apparatus described in 3.1 shall have a modified carrier C, as shown in figure 6.


b) Pulley wheels

The three pulley wheels of modified carrier C shall be of equal diameter in accordance with table 3.


Table 3-Diameter of pulley wheels

Cable type

(number and nominal cross-sectional area of conductors)

No.x mm²

Diameter of pulley wheels















c) Speed of carrier

The constant speed of the modified carrier C shall be approximately 0.1 m/s.


d) Weight

The weight applied to stress the conductor as described in 3.1 shall be calculated on the basis of 28 N/mm² of the conductor cross-section.



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