Clause B Leakage Current Tester Output Current 0.03~2mA / 20mA

Clause B Leakage Current Tester Output Current 0.03~2mA / 20mA

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IEC60065:2014 clause b Leakage Current Tester


IEC60065:2014 clause b Leakage Current Tester Output Current 0.03~2mA/20mA



Confirm to IEC60065:2014 clause b), IEC60950, IEC60335, IEC60598-1



The RK2675 series leakage current tester is used for measuring the leakage current produced by electrical power (or other power) through an insulating or distributed parameter impedance, which isn’t relative with the work, that is testing equipment which measure the insulativity of electrical equipment and the safety performance of product.


Test sample:

Components: diode, triode, high-voltage silicon stack, all kinds of electronic transformer, connector assembly, high voltage electrical equipment.

Household Electric Appliances: TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, dryer, electric blanket, charger etc.

Instruments and meters: oscilloscope, signal generator, DC power supply, switching power supply and other types of machine.

Lighting appliances: ballast, road lights, stage lights, portable lamps and other types of lamps.

Electric heating appliances: electric drill, pistol drill, cutting machine, grinding machine, electric welding machine etc.

Motor: Rotating electrical machines, etc.



Leakage current of all kinds of low voltage power equipment can be measured.

Test voltage, leakage current and test time all display digital.

Leakage current value and test time can be preset.

The leakage current will have sound and light alarm when overrun.

Test phase can be converted automatically/manually.

Test time, alarm value can be set continuously.





Output Voltage0~250V
Output current0.03~2mA/20mA
Test resistance±5%
Test accuracy1-99s±1%
Transformer capacity2000VA3000VA5000VA
Interface of PLCNO
Power supply220V±10% 50Hz±5%
Working environment0℃~40℃≤85%RH
AccessoryPower line