Clause 13.4 Tracking Test Equipment Determination Of The Relative Resistance To Tracking Performance

Clause 13.4 Tracking Test Equipment Determination Of The Relative Resistance To Tracking Performance

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IEC 60065:2014 clause 13.4 Tracking Test Equipment 



Conforms to IEC 60065:2014 clause 13.4, IEC60335-1 clause 29.2, Annex N



It is used for determination of the relative resistance to tracking performance that solid electrical insulating material under the action of an electric field, when the surface exposed to water containing impurities.


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Lighting equipment, low-voltage electrical appliances, household electrical appliances, machine tools, electrical appliances, electric motors, electric tools, electronic instruments, electrical instruments, information technology equipment, insulation materials, engineering plastics, electrical connectors, accessories industry.



The working principle of the leakage tracking test(tracking index testing) is that the conducting liquid (0.1%NH 4 CL) of required volume in the required height (35mm ) and required time (30s) drops with the voltage between the platinum electrodes (2mm× 5mm )on the surface of solid insulating material. Thus the users evaluate the tracking resistance performance of solid insulating material surface under the combined influence of electric field and humid or contaminate medium. In a word, this device is used to measure the compare tracking index (CT1) and electrical resistance index (PT1).



Timing device9999X0.1S Resolution
Drip intervalAdjustable
Electrode materialPlatinumThe height of the drip30~40mm
Electrode specifications5mm*2mmDrip delay0.2S (solenoid valve open time)
Electrode spacing4±0.1mmDrip size45 ~ 50 drops / cm3
Electrode pressure1±0.05 NDelay electric circuit2 ± 0.1S (at 0.5A)
Electrode angle60°Test voltage range0~600V 1.5%
Short circuit voltage drop8% MAXElectrical parameters1.5KW/127VAC/60Hz
Short-circuit current1±0.1A 1%Working volume> 0.5 M³(0.1 M³by option)
Environmental requirements0 ~ 40 ℃ / ≤ 80% relative humidity
StandardsGB4207, GB4706, IEC60695, IEC60112, UL746A, ASTMD3638.


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