Clause 10.4 Insulation Resistance Tester Test Range From 100kΩ-5TΩ

Clause 10.4 Insulation Resistance Tester Test Range From 100kΩ-5TΩ

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IEC60065:214 clause 10.4 Insulation Resistance Tester


IEC60065:214 clause 10.4 Insulation Resistance Tester Test Range From 100kΩ-5TΩ




Confirm to IEC60065:214 clause 10.4, IEC60950, IEC60598, IEC60335-1


Product introduction:

RK2681 series insulation resistance tester is a kind of insulation performance measuring instrument of household appliances, lighting appliances, electric heating appliances, electronic components, dielectric materials, the whole machine and so on. Fast test speed, good stability, convenient operation, and has discriminated function.

The insulation resistance tester of RK2682 type design according to the IEC,BS,UL and other international and domestic requirements of the safety standard, testing is divided into DC500V and DC1000V two files. The insulation resistance is divided into 0.5MΩ~2000MΩ four files (2MΩ,20MΩ,20MΩ,2000MΩ).The instrument is based on absorbing and digesting the international advanced insulation resistance testing instrument and combined with the actual use of many users in our country to improve and refine. We pay more attention to the performance and quality in the price/performance. In terms of price, we pay more attention to the actual purchasing power of many users. It belongs to the lowest price of the product in the domestic same file type.


Application area:

Household Electric Appliances: TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, dryer, electric blanket, charger etc.

Insulation material: heat shrinkable tube, capacitor film, high pressure tube, insulating paper, insulated shoes, rubber insulating gloves, PCB circuit board etc.

Instruments and meters: oscilloscope, signal generator, DC power supply, switching power supply and other types of machine.

Lighting appliances: ballast, road lights, stage lights, portable lamps and other types of lamps.

Electric heating appliances: electric drill, pistol drill, cutting machine, grinding machine, electric welding machine etc.

Wire and cable: high voltage cable, optical cable, electric cable, silicone rubber cable, etc.

Motor: Rotating electrical machines, etc.

Office equipment: Computer, Currency Detector, printer, copier, etc.


Performance characteristics:

Easy to operate, reliable performance

With steady voltage automatically function

With undesirable discriminant function

Fast test speed, good stability, easy to operate





Test range100kΩ-5TΩ100kΩ-10TΩ500kΩ-2GΩ
Test accuracy

R<10GΩ ±3% indication ±0.5 lattice

R≥10GΩ ±5% indication±0.5 lattice

R≥1TΩ ±10% indication ±0.5 lattice

±5%+2 words
Test voltage(V)10/25/50/100 /250 /50010/50/100/250/500 /1000500 /1000
Voltage accuracy±2%
Control methodAnalog circuitDigital circuit
Range methodManual operation
Measuring velocityResistive element:<0.5 seconds,Capacitive element: 0.5~10 seconds
SortingQualified, unqualified, unqualified hearing ring (can be switched)
Work environment10℃~40℃≤85%RH
Power supply220V±10%,50Hz/60Hz±5%
Exterior dimension380×365×135mm310×270×110mm
AccessoryPower line, test line